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Cloud Data Services for Business Professionals and Developers.

Help enterprise and organizations apply social data to business decisions, is henceforth critical. As you can imagine, social data is all about real-time, public, conversational, transactional platforms and global information platform where voices from around the world are speaking and sharing about every topic imaginable. salutes the new exciting alliance between IBM and Twitter announcing the availability of cloud data services that allow business professionals and developers to extract actionable business insights from Twitter data. 
Henceforth, businesses and developers can: Create Social Data-Enabled Apps; Merge Sophisticated, Predictive Analytics with Twitter Data, and Easily Analyze Twitter Data.

An innovative approach to polymer-based 3D printing.

With this new approach (polymer-based 3D printing), the game-changing focuses on speed and quality: 25-100 times faster than conventional 3D printing, and can produce objects with consistent mechanical properties; according Carbon3D. can observe that, this approach (polymer-based 3D printing) aims to advance the industry beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing. 

‘’The new Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP) harnesses light and oxygen to continuously grow objects from a pool of resin instead of printing them layer-by-layer’’. ‘’Our CLIP technology offers the game-changing speed, consistent mechanical properties and choice of materials required for complex commercial quality parts,” said Dr. Joseph DeSimone, CEO and Co-Founder, Carbon3D.
“If 3D printing hopes to break out of the prototyping niche it has been trapped in for decades, we need to find a disruptive technology that attacks the problem from a fresh perspective and addresses 3D printing…

Adobe Document Cloud in our cloud-driven world.

It is more and more encouraging to note that, modern ways to manage critical documents at home, in the office and across devices gain in maturity.
The stakes are important, when it comes to productivity, efficiency and worker satisfaction.
Henceforth Adobe Document Cloud will deliver e-signing as part of the integrated solution. salutes this initiative and recalls that, Adobe Document Cloud consists of a set of integrated services with which, People will be able to create, review, approve, sign and track documents whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Oracle Data as a Service in our unstructured data-driven world: Stakes, opportunities and challenges.

Stakes, opportunities and challenges related to the types of social media available on the chart below, are extremely various, exciting and strategic.
We are more and more surrounded (by) and we produce more and more unstructured data assets.Unlock structured, reliable and actionable insights from this world of unstructured data; naturally give businesses the critical asset they need to innovate and make a real business impact.
To help organizations increase customer understanding and extract meaningful insights from any form of indirect or direct customer feedback, Oracle has released Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) for Customer Intelligence
With this launching, encourages organizations and enterprises to focus inter alia on their real-time ability to: ·Extract and unify insights from a growing world of unstructured data assets, ·Capture a complete view of customer input across social and enterprise channels, ·identify and manage customer issues, ·Understand how custom…