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PC shipments to East Africa increased 3.0% year on year in the final quarter of 2013 to total 140,251 units according to IDC.

Because of the proliferation of mobile devices, the economic slump in Europe, the downward trend in the overall PC market is progressively quite remarkable, year-on-year. But there are signs of hope in the emerging markets where the public sector (governments, education, infrastructures, communications, banks, finances…)

Video Conferencing Solution: the real value of Logitech.

On behalf of the globalization, progressively, it is obvious that, the way enterprises collaborate is rapidly changing. observes that these changes include for example a shift in user preferences toward personal, software-based solutions and consumer devices (BYOD). Based on this reality, Logitech paves its way by releasing its Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e which can turn any meeting room

Cloud Public: Windows Azure et Amazon Web Services, passent en phase séduction.

Le Cloud Public qu’on associe généralement au stockage des fichiers en ligne, tient progressivement une belle courbe en termes d’adoptions, d’offres et de technologies enregistrées et disponibles. Les offres se multiplient donc sans oublier les réductions des prix, de plus en plus poignantes auprès des grosses pointures comme Amazon Web Services et Windows Azure. Si vous êtes un habitué de S3 et Elastic Block Store chez Amazon Web Services, sachez que les tarifs ont baisé considérablement. Chez Microsoft, la baisse tarifaire s’applique à Block Blobs Storage et ‘’Locally Redundant Disks/Page Blobs Storage’’, effectif dès le 13 mars 2013, sans oublier que le prix de toutes les transactions depuis ou vers les services de stockage d’Azure est

Saudi Arabia's IT market is billed as the largest in the Middle East, according to IDC.

By observing the Saudi Arabia landscape, notes that, the government continues to invest in large infrastructure projects, primarily in the communications, government, finance, oil and gas, and consumer verticals. Meaning that, IT vendors, IT managers, IT skills will find many opportunities across

Virtual currency and Mining Hardware: the real value of CoinSeed.

Despite a set of legitimate reluctances, from financial authorities and some states, the fever around Bitcoin continues to ramp-up on internet. Henceforth this virtual crypto-currency is deeply backed by CoinSeeda Bitcoin focused investment fund led Merlin Kauffman. Merlin Kauffman remains confident and optimistic about the long-term viability of Bitcoin as a legitimate currency and innovative payment method. Its purpose is clear: ‘’ secure a long-term position as a leader in commercial Bitcoin mining in the midst of the rise in popularity of the alternative digital currency’’. In this dynamic, CoinSeed has purchased what is believed to be the largest private single sale of specialized Bitcoin mining hardware in existence. In total $5 million worth of BitFury’s 55nm ASIC based Bitcoin mining hardware was acquired as the first building block to create one of the largest commercial Bitcoin mining

Internet of things, Create intuitive, connected driving experiences: the real value of Blackberry via QNX Software Systems.

Internet of things trend obliges, progressively we are very excited here at, to see and appreciate a set efforts, technologies and concepts developed by QNX Software Systems a subsidiary of Blackberry Limited. In this dynamic, observes that, with QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment for example, automakers can offer their customers a controlled, personalized experience in their vehicles with support for user profiles, connectivity to smartphone platforms, speech interfaces, and cloud management services.
During the 2014 International CES January 7, 2014, QNX Software Systems Limited, software platforms for in-car electronics, has demonstrated its innovations in two new technology concept cars, based on a Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG and a Kia Soul, and

The Connected Car: here is why and how Continental and HERE team up.

Our series on the vehicle connectivity’s trend drives us to talk now about the ability of your vehicle to continuously determine its position on the road to within 10-20 centimeters (3-8 inches).  Welcome to Electronic Horizon, automated driving and new intelligent transportation systems based on high