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CELLView™ as a great innovation in Live Cell Imaging

Applications in the field of microscopy, efficiency, clarity, and speed at which each assay can be performed are at the core of stakes. In effect, Greiner Bio-One and EMBL have collaborated to develop the CELLview™ slide .
This product is billed as a significant improvement for those performing microscopic applications and cell imaging, enhancing the efficiency, clarity, and speed at which each assay can be performed.

Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drones Sales across the world

The utility of the Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is steadily well-appropriated across the world. Many countries are increasingly adopting the technology for the stakes related to security, exploration, analytics, intelligence and more. 
A new study by IHS reveals that, US demand and growing global expansion will drive the market for defense and security applications to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 6.4 percent, rising from $6 billion today to more than $11 billion per year by 2025. 
The same study reveals that, the US continues to drive the market through significant research and development and production sales, but there are growing opportunities from Asia/Oceania, Europe and the Middle East. 
Then, overall, sales in Asia/Oceania can almost double from $8 billion in total sales between 2016 and 2020 to more than $15 billion in sales between 2021 and 2025. 
IHS Jane’s expects sales to more than double in China between now and 2025 to more than $9 billion due to growing investme…

Modern Voice Communication Equipment in our ever-connected world

Web apps and mobile apps are radically transforming all around us. In effect, the global population has become more tech navy which is influencing the overall market growth. The terminal equipment comprises of smartphones, wearables, soft phones, tablets, IP phones, to name a few.
Modern Voice Communication Equipmentoffers reliability, cost efficiency as well as flexibility in terms of user and role management capabilities.
Rising convergence servicesdemand for email, audio conferencing, chats, voice mail, to name a few is expected to significantly impact the industry.
According to Research and Markets, Rising consumer demand for affordable voice communication equipment are anticipated to offer lucrative growth opportunities in the coming years; while heavy network and bandwidth management is expected to hinder the growth of the global voice communication equipment market.

The power of cognitive computing on the full potential of the Internet of Things

Steadily and seamlessly, millions of sensors are giving appliances and devices eyes and ears, increasing their inbuilt intelligence and enabling them to interact with us better. The cognitive computing uses machine learning and other techniques to understand this data and turn it into insight, which can help automate tasks, enable manufacturers to design better products, innovate new services and enhance our overall quality of life, to name a few.

IoT platforms, such as GE’s Predix, IBM’s Watson, and SAP’s HANA on unified facilities management solution

It is increasingly interesting to observe that, IoT platforms, such as GE’s Predix, IBM’s Watson, and SAP’s HANA, in collaboration with facility service providers, like CBRE, ISS World, and ENGIE, are gradually integrating multiple building automation systems to deliver a unified facilities management solution.
While most facility service providers are still in the early stages of evaluating smart building solutions and face a set of challenges related to solution in-house or third-party technology vendor, it is now obvious that, Smart building platforms are seen as a valuable tool to address growing sustainability challenges and customer demands for personalized services, reduce costs, and increase workspace flexibility.
ABI Research reveals that, North America and Western Europe are leading the dynamic regarding smart building automation systems in the IoT; while the Asia-Pacific region will grow quickly and account for one quarter of global facility service revenue, or $2 billion, in…

A go-to resource (eBook) for planning and designing data centers around the world

At the core of stakes within this new eBook, we have: Data center standards, Multitenant data centers (MTDC), Higher-speed migration, Data center architecture, Multi-source agreements, Fiber selection, Optical distribution frames, Fiber TAPs, Data center infrastructure management (DCIM), andAutomated infrastructure management(AIM). Based on the reality that, there are so many decisions to make when building and designing a data center, from the physical layer infrastructure to the network applications themselves, The Connected and Efficient Data Center eBook includes tips and insights with the goal to demystify technology and unravel the complexities in building data centers.
With CommScope's new eBook, you need to Complete a brief registration to access The Connected and Efficient Data Center eBook, which is available for free on PCs, or through an app on tablets or smartphones.

The 3D Rendering technology in our ever-connected digital world

The stakes related to the 3D Rendering technology are increasingly appropriated within numerous industries and vertical that found the technology as a critical tool. The cloud is democratizing the access to the technology.
For those who are unfamiliar, 3D Rendering basically refers to the process of conversion of three dimensional data into an image. The pre-created three dimensional structures are converted into attractive images by the help of 3D rendering software.
Currently the process is increasingly being used to convert images of buildings, animated characters, sceneries and other such 3D geometric models into images with desired simulation, optical effects and other such innovative characteristics. 
In the field of engineering, the software is being used to conceptualize, design, represent and analyse parts of machines. 
The market for 3D rendering software was valued at $4820 Million in 2016, according to Research and Markets.
The firm also reveals that, in 2015, North America is…