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Mobile money industry in Africa: Tigo Airtel and Zantel pave their way.

We are at the early stage of the mobile money industry in Africa. This means the opportunities are huge in an environment where the majority of people lack a bank account. With the proliferation of the mobile networks and the increasing adoption of the smartphones across this continent, mobile operators have the unmatched opportunities to develop a set of affordable mobile money services susceptible to improve the living conditions of those who live within this continent. As you can observe here, operators like MTN and Ecobank are deeply involved in this market and progressively, their presence is must-attend. Orange is also playing a great role. soon Retinknow® is deeply seduced by the new commitment between Tigo, Airtel and Zantel to enable mobile money payments between their customers in Tanzania. This pioneering agreement which highlights “interoperability”, aims to allow customers of Tigo, Airtel and Zantel in Tanzania to send money to each other whether using Tig…

This rapid pace of growth in smartphones is expected to continue in India: key actors, global trend and figures.

Henceforth low-cost devices (sub-200 USD) using the Android operating system, is the worldwide trend, when it comes smartphones. Blackberry with it Z3 device and Windows are struggling to gain traction in this market dominated by Samsung. Asia Pacific is the most dynamic market and according to IDC, India was the highest growing market with a year-on-year smartphone shipment growth of over 186% in 1Q 2014. According to IDC, the dip in the overall mobile phone market shipments can be attributed to the 18% decline in the feature phone shipments from 4Q 2013 to 1Q 2014. This was offset by the smartphone market, where units shipped grew by close to 17% in 1Q 2014 compared to 4Q 2013. The consistent growth in the smartphone market is driven by enhanced consumer preference for smart devices and narrowing

Passage du navigateur web Google Chrome à 64-bit : contexte, avantages et défis.

Le web et le mobile s’enrichissent de plus en plus de contenus graphiques et multimédia ; les processeurs et les compilateurs sont de plus optimisés pour améliorer l’expérience-utilisateur des internautes et mobinautes. Les systèmes d’exploitation se dotent de plus en plus des fonctionnalités de sécurité et de vitesse sophistiquées. Avec Chrome à 64-bit, il s’agit dans ce contexte, pour Google de faire jouir continuellement à ses utilisateurs l’ensemble des bénéfices que procurent toutes ces bonnes nouvelles. Même si la montée en puissance du mobile se fait aux dépens du navigateur web, c'est-à-dire que, les gens utilisent de plus en plus directement les applications, la guerre des navigateurs reste serrée entre Google Chrome, Firefox, IE et Opera. Mais globalement Google Chrome est entrain de remporter cette guerre. En publiant la version 64-bit en test de son navigateur Internet Chrome, via les canaux Dev et Canary, Google offre aux utilisateurs de son navigateur l’augmentation …

Big data and Analytics technologies and methodologies to mitigate traffic jams and to improve traffic flow across the world.

As you can imagine, traffic congestions across the world are nothing new. This trend strongly impacts in real-time, our living conditions. But with the emergence of a set methodologies and technologies and sensors related to big data and Analytics, we move from the traditional responses to congestion, such as building new roads or widening existing ones, to assist in real-time, governments to make smarter decisions to improve traffic

Données mobiles sur-mesure, adaptées aux applications et Internet pour tous: ce que vaut Facebook.

Pour des causes que vous pouvez découvrir ici, les coûts d’accès au Web et aux applications mobiles, restent très élevés à travers le monde. L’effet est encore plus retentissant dans économies immatures. Mais les différents efforts progressifs déployés respectivement par Google et Facebook, deux mastodontes du web et du mobile sont encourageants lorsqu’il s’agit de vivre et de parler d’un Internet pour tous. Dans cette bataille Facebook fait converger ses efforts autour du projet Pryte, qui jusqu’ici, se proposait de commercialiser des enveloppes de données mobiles sur-mesure, adaptées aux applications, rejoint la mouvance avec son expertise

Interactive transaction-driven solutions and services: MTN on the way, to focus its resources on core business lines.

Henceforth, in our highly competitive environment, businesses need competitiveness at all levels. This means, bring new products to market faster; invest in innovative new service offerings; reinvest the cost savings; improve process and remain agile, innovative, relevant, and competitive in their respective markets. At soon Retinknow®, we encourage this kind of approach which is essential , when it comes to enable companiessimplify and streamline its operations and focus its resources on core business lines. MTN, one of the leading communication service providers in Africa has opted for this way by pursuing its partnership with CSG for a long-term managed services

Send targeted emails to customers; easily track ROI: Emma and Shopify pave their way.

In our personalized-driven world, increasingly people, companies and organizations are interested by services and products that meet their needs in real-time. This trend is boostered by the Big Data and Analytics technologies and its affiliates. Henceforth Emma, a provider of email marketing software collaborates with Shopify by letting Shopify retailers using Emma for email marketing sync customer data to better target key customers, track marketing ROI and automate email messaging. This means that, with Emma’s Shopify integration, retailers can: ·organize customer sales data into lists within Emma, ·Retailers can have data needed to communicate with the right contacts at the right time, ·Provide marketers the ability to see what messages are working and adjust their communication strategies accordingly, ·Automate key messages, ·set up emails to automatically send based on a change in customer data, ·connect sales to the overall ROI of email marketing efforts. soon re…