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Startups fundings: Spredfast , Integral Ad Science, DNAnexus, peerTransfer and Didi Dache plan to expand internationally and improve their products.

If unfamiliar, recalls that, this rubric is intended to helporganizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of fundings, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
In this dynamic,Spredfast( Founded in 2008, Austin-based social marketing software provider), has raised $32.5 million in a Series D round led by Lead Edge Capital with participation from Austin Ventures,InterWest Partners, and OpenView Venture Partners. Spredfast helps organizations manage, monitor, and measure social media programs at scale, allowing a larger group of people across the entire company to get involved in social media efforts. Spredfast has raised over $60 million to date

Drivers, TomTom launches TomTom GO range in the United States and Canada.

TomTom, a provider of navigation and location-based products and services, pursues its dynamic of innovation. This time, the company founded in 1991, and headquartered in Amsterdam, with about 3,500 employees worldwide, has launched TomTom GO range in the United States and Canada. Intended to drivers, this new re-designed Portable Navigation Device (PND), aims to reinvent how drivers use navigation with its new map and traffic-centric interface. observes that, the new TomTom GO series comes with TomTom Traffic to pinpoints exactly where delays start and end, helping drivers to get to their destinations faster on a daily basis. The goal here, this is to empower drivers with an essential daily driving tool that provides access to accurate, real-time traffic

According to ZTE, here is the Key Telecommunications and Enterprise Technology Trends in 2014.

It remains obvious that, the 4G LTE (Scalable Bandwidth) will play a key role in telecommunications. Meaning that, provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions, mobile devices and operators have to be capable to address the increasing demand for the mobility. At ZTE, a new strategyis progressively implemented to harness this trend. The Chinese believes that, mobility will evolve from being a tool for simply delivering voice and data service, into a catalyst that changes how people live and work. In the “ICT Development Trends 2014: Embracing the Era of Mobile-ICT” report, ZTE’s inaugural annual industry outlook, observes that, the company presented 10 key trends that ‘’will usher in’’ an exciting new era of mobile-empowered growth. ZTE believes that increasingly accessible mobile services will fundamentally transform how consumers communicate, shop and manage their finances, while enabling enterprises to provision applications and services with greate…

Les stratégies autour et la course vers et pour la 4G s’étoffent progressivement.

Du franco-américain Alcatel-luccent, passant par le Chinois ZTE vers le la marque française Archos, la course vers et pour la 4G est déjà bien lancée, pour ne que citer ces trois exemples. Chez le franco-américain Alcatel-luccent, le plan Shift est la boussole pour aider le groupe à atteindre son cap d’une compagnie très concentrée sur les équipements et mobiles 4G haute performance. Le Chinois ZTE a complètement réorganisé la structure de l’entreprise avec l’objectif de concentrer sur le mobiles, les microprocesseurs et équipements 4G à destination des

Secure mobile enterprise apps: Here is why Webalo and Good Technology joined forces.

If it is well known that, about 80% of mobile apps are not secured; it is also obvious that, many organizations face challenges when it comes to developing mobile enterprise apps due to security concerns as well as the time, cost and complexity of traditional development tools. Webalo agreement with Good Technology captured by,

Guestpost: Top 10 Hacker Arrests in 2013

This post was originally written by Bianca Stanescu ,Security Specialist.  ''It was a fruitful year for cyber-crime authorities worldwide, and notorious hackers were arrested with a weekly or even daily frequency. Neither Christmas nor New Year’s Eve put an end to police effervescence in 2013 when it comes to busting cyber-criminals. We started work on a Top 10 Hacker Arrests at the beginning of December with the assumption that the big fish were already caught, as holidays were coming. We couldn’t be more wrong – we had to wait until the last day of the year. Almost a dozen new arrests were made in December and, just a couple of days ago, Spanish authorities caught eight members of a massive hacking network. Does this make 2013 the Year of Hacking Dangerously? Considering the amount of DDoS attacks, breaches and high-level hackings and the FBI list of most wanted hackers, this is only the beginning. Many other hackers – ‘white’ ones excluded – are still out t…

BlackBerry et le monde des entreprises : ce qu’il faut désormais retenir.

En ces temps difficiles pour le Canadien, côté grand public, où les stocks de smartphones sous BB10 s’accumulent et les pertes en milliards de dollars se creusent, il était temps pour de rappeler aux entreprises Blackberry désormais se concentre sur ce qu’il a toujours fais de mieux : le monde de l'entreprise. Il s’agit de s’occuper désormais de la conception, la sécurité, le développement de logiciel et la gestion de la mobilité et de proposer une offre globale smartphones et/ou outils de

Whitepaper: The steps an organization must take in order to filter email attachments.

The unending war against unsolicited email “spam” continues, while the spammers gain in sophistication. In this dangerous game, a set of solutions is available. has captured this InfoWorld security bestpractices whitepaper which, we hope, will help you as administrators or organizations, to combat the sudden rise in spam and safeguard against new tactics. Progressively, it is obvious that, spammers are spoofing domain names of legitimate, trusted enterprise suppliers to generate email that many unsuspecting workers might

Deliver secure mobile programmes with Good Technology: CESG New Guidance paves its way.

Available since December 11, 2013, this guidance aims to enable UK public sector organisations to deliver secure mobile programmes with Good Technology. can observe that, built upon CESG’s platform guidance, released on 14 October, 2013, the ‘Security Guidance for Good Dynamics and Good for Enterprise’, outlines a risk assessment for both Good for Enterprise and Good Dynamics. The Guidance document is a risk/mitigation assessment which, if followed, enables deployments to be made to the new Official

Governance, Risk and Compliance Management: the real value of Virima Technologies.

Well appreciated in its ecosystem, Aruvio has been acquired in June 2013 by Atlanta based Virima Technologies, henceforth Aruvio’s GRC suite joined Virima portfolio of cloud-based solutions. recalls that, the Aruvio cloud based GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance Management) suite is an audit driven solution with site support allowing users to configure their own GRC portal for both