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Showing posts from October 11, 2013

Dear professionals have you ever heard about IBM's first #patent ? Here’s what it looks like:

For those unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, IBM’s first patent was

Professionals the Google Cloud Console, has accommodated a new navigation bar: here is the stakes.

Based on its commitment to improve constantly the user experience, this means, provide an easy way to work and build across all of Google Cloud platforms, today Google introduces a new navigation bar, making it easier to switch between pages. Connectikpeople has observed that, the new bar is designed to automatically resize-

The best way for users to access a cloud computing system based on availability of network bandwidth.

The announcement comes from IBM. The inventors of this company deeply committed in the Cloud Computing services and technologies, announced having developed a method for dynamically managing network bandwidth within a cloud. According to IBM, this invention is ideal for applications such as online systems

Cloud-Based Customer Service Solutions: Nuance acquired Varolii, here is the stakes.

With the goal, to create a comprehensive cloud-based solution that brings together the best of inbound and outbound customer service, resulting in a complete, scalable, secure and cost-effective platform, Nuance acquired Varolii. Henceforth Nuance a provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers has consolidates its portfolio, is ready to face challenges in

Here is Solana, the world’s largest parabolic trough plant and the first solar plant in the United States with thermal energy storage allowing for electricity to be produced at night.

What is done in this part of the world is phenomenal, in terms of technologies, ambitions, funding and human resources. Abengoa (MCE: ABG.B), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, announced that the Solana GeneratingStation has successfully passed final production tests and entered commercial operation since Monday 6, 2013. Connectikpeople has observed that, at 280 megawatts (gross), Solana is the world’s

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software: SAP targets Chemical Companies with a new package.

Strongly positioned in this ecosystem, SAP continues to extend its portfolio, each time with the final goal to offer personalized experience. Henceforth “chemical company in a box” package aims to help the chemical industry rapidly benefit from modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) software while reducing associated complexity, cost, effort and risk. According to SAP, it is designed to simplify the IT landscape, deployment and

Industrial 3D Printing with Free Medical-Implant Design Software: C&A Tool and WITHIN have launched WITHIN Medical program.

Targeting medical, surgical, and orthopedic designers and manufacturers, C&A Tooland WITHINhave launched WITHIN Medical ,a patient-specific, metal-implant design and manufacturing program . Connectikpeople can observe that the service combines free downloadable software

Here is how IBM transforms the Cloud computing with the Accelerated Discovery Lab.

IBM more than ever paves its way and consolidates it position in the cloud computing services. The company multiplies its offerings by maintaining its competitors from a distance. 
Henceforth with the Accelerated Discovery Lab a new collaborative environment, IBM targets and helps professionals find unknown relationships from disparate data sets. Connectikpeople has observed that, the workspace includes access to diverse data sources, unique research capabilities for analytics such as domain models, text

Software Freedom Day : Favoriser l’adoption des logiciels libres dans les institutions universitaires tunisiennes.

L’approche du logiciel libre malgré ses avantages et ses atouts en termes de flexibilité, d’efficacité, rendement et simplicité n’est pas encore bien cernée des milieux estudiantins, gouvernementaux, entrepreneurials et économiques de la Tunisie. Mais il y’a un vent d’espoir qui se profile depuis 2006. En effet, s’appuyant sur le ‘’ Software Freedom Day’,’ une communauté internationale des utilisateurs des logiciels libres qui

Beware; Cisco has released two security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities.

Connectikpeople has received a few minute ago now, a note from Cisco warning about vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to obtain elevation of privilege, bypass security controls, or cause a denial of service condition. Connectikpeople encourages users and administrators to review the following Cisco

Innovative mathematics curriculum:, Inc., today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire TenMarks.

With this new acquisition Amazon bolsters its offerings around the Kindle ecosystem. Connectikpeople may recall that, TenMarks offers personalized online math instruction and practice in a clear, manageable format for K-12 students complete with helpful hints, video lessons, and real-time results. “We currently offer teachers, students and parents access to effective resources to foster the vision of the Common Core curriculum in math, including scalable