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Design thinking methodology and agile development capabilities with IBM Bluemix Garages.

As you observe and learn everyday on, henceforth rapid app development cycles require developers to foster collaboration, to use streamlined tools, open methodologies and technologies to quickly turn new ideas into enterprise-class applications at consumer scale and innovate at the speed of our digital age.
The dynamic powering IBM Bluemix Garages is exciting as it creates a bridge between the scale of enterprises and the culture of startups, by establishing inter alia: physical collaboration spaces with entrepreneurial communities around the world.
The new Bluemix Garage in Toronto that will be located at the DMZ at Ryerson University, for example, aims to mentor the rising numbers of developers and startups in the region to create of the next generation of cloud apps and services using IBM’s platform-as-a-service, Bluemix. salutes this approach that can help quickly turn new ideas into enterprise-class applications and innovate.

Red Hat Satellite 6.1 within Container-Based Deployment Strategies.

The growing movement is seeing toward container-based cloud deployments is exciting as it brings streamlined and holistic experiences required henceforth in our digital age.
Red Hat Satellite 6.1joins the momentum allowing Docker users to manage systems in a container-based environment. 
In fact,the core capabilities of Satellite 6.1 now extend to container deployments and can deliver more scalability, manageability and consistency with more control around versioning, authentication and integration with existing platforms.

The dynamic behind Google Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, and BigQuery.

The requirements of our digital age compel the development of applications, technologies, services and platforms that are flexible, agile, and secure and can scale with the growth of the business.
Stakes related include: big data processing workloads; remove the complexity; productivity; performance; scalability; overcome elasticity challenges; low latency data processing and fault-tolerant computing and more.
So, encourages the dynamic behind Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, and BigQuery that can help streamline these experiences in real-time.

New Identity and Access Management (IAM) APIs and Permissions Editor in the Google Developers Console.

Google Cloud Platform is more and more appreciated by increasing number of organizations aware of the cloud computing benefits and recent critical innovations, that bring peace in minds when it comes to stakes related to privacy, security, seamless, flexibility, performance and agility.
Henceforth, the beta release of the new Identity and Access Management (IAM) APIs and Permissions Editor in the Google Developers Console brings improvements that allow users to control access down to the level of particular operations on specific topics and subscriptions.
IAM ACLs can make it easier to connect multiple Cloud Platform projects, either within the same organization or to third-party services.

Vulnerability in LSE (a Lenovo BIOS feature).

Image recalls that, Certain Lenovo personal computers contain a vulnerability in LSE (a Lenovo BIOS feature). Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.
Therefore, users and administrators are encouraged to review the Lenovo Security Advisories for notebooks and desktops and apply the necessary updates and mitigations.