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Bring effective analytics to the world of Hadoop Big Data.

In our data-driven age, the most exciting is to advance beyond data discovery to actionable insights discovery.

This means inter alia that, henceforth effective analytics; advanced statistical analyses; and natural language interface to previously undiscovered information are at the core of stakes.
DataRPM Version 8.0 paves it way in this segment aiming to make the next leap in machine-led Data Intelligence. recalls that Smart Machine Insights, uses machine learning to automatically model the data, perform advanced statistical analyses, and can present key insights to users in an easy to use visual format. DataRPM Version 8.0 runs natively within Hadoop.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Market in the US.

If privacy and security, performance and cost-efficiency remain the main challenges in computing industry, we have no reason to worry as regular at
The most exciting with the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Market in the US, is to note the increased demand for secure computing, the adoption of strict security measures, the increased adoption of data centric computing and green IT infrastructure. 
According to Research and Markets one of the key challenges in the market is the growing concern about company confidentiality being compromised with the adoption of BYOD. Key Vendors include: Citrix Systems and VMware. Emerging and prominent Vendors include: Dell, Microsoft, Red Hat, ClearCube, Moka5, NComputing , tuCloud , and Virtual Bridges.

Vulnerability in BIND and phishing scam targeting tax preparers and other tax professionals.

Image recalls that the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) has released security updates to address a vulnerability in BIND. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to cause a denial of service condition. Updates available include: BIND 9.9.6-P2BIND 9.10.1-P2Users and administrators are therefore encouraged to review ISC Knowledge Base Article AA-01235 and apply the necessary updates.
In addition, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a press release addressing a new spear phishing scam targeting tax preparers and other tax professionals.  Scam operators often use fraudulent e-mails to entice their targets to reveal login credentials. encourages users and administrators to review the IRS press release for details and refer to US-CERT Security Tip ST15-001 for information on "tax" themed phishing attacks.

In-Hadoop analytics technologies to ‘accelerate’ the conversion of data into valuable insight for the business.

Tweets, videos, SMSs, Calls, smart sensors, digital transactions, clicks, emails, photos, Pins, and comments rhythm our digital lives anywhere and anytime.
This means that, more than ever, enterprises, data science and organizations need powerful ability to inter alia:
quickly find relevant and actionable information,
to make sense of the data with statistical modeling,
Unlocking meaningful insights and identifying actions that could optimize outcomes across the entire business,
Find the information that really matters,
Connect data elements that often go undiscovered to bring context to the customer relationship,
Enhanced understanding,
Focus efforts and resources on where they’ll have the greatest effect,
Drive more profitable operations
Data science toolset to query data, visualize, explore and conduct distributed machine learning at scale is henceforth critical. is proud to observe that, growing number of organizations and enterprises are more and more aware of Apache Had…

The Canadian Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing market.

Overall, it is a great pleasure to observe that, when it comes to Cloud computing, buyer preferences focus more on security and privacy, quality of service and performance, flexibility and productivity.
Offerings are less expensive and providers also focus on robust, intuitive and automated self-serve features.
When it comes to the Canadian Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing market, IDC MarketScape: Canadian Public IaaS 2015 Vendor Assessment, reports that, Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Microsoft lead this market.
IDC Canada believes that scale, channel strategy, and the ability to deliver hybrid computing will differentiate vendors in this competitive space.

"Offerings are now becoming less expensive while providers are picking up on the hybrid message and designing their solutions with interoperability and hybrid management in mind, said Mark Schrutt, Research Vice President, Services and Enterprise Applications at IDC Canada.