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Provide enterprises with deep visibility and control of applications running on Amazon Web Services.

Actionable data that supports enhanced user experience and optimization of business outcomes is indispensable in our digital age; like real-time data that provides business, development, and ops teams what they need to optimize both mobile applications and business performance.
Solutions that give enterprises deep visibility for their mobile applications, from the mobile device itself through every line of application code and into the supporting backend infrastructure, whether it is on the Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid architecture, are recommended by 
AppDynamicshas achieved the APN Mobile Competency from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Program. salutes this momentum that focuses on the AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring solution that can gives enterprises deep visibility for their mobile applications, from the mobile device itself through every line of application code and into the supporting …

The distributed NoSQL databases for your ability to handle diverse and fast-changing data.

More and more, one can observe that, enterprises are making strategic investments in distributed, more agile, multi-model databases that serve a variety of needs that existing relational databases. 
In fact, next generation distributed databases with a deep focus on strong features, make it easier for developers to deliver at the right time, the right quality and the required functionality.
Performance, productivity, agility, flexibility, scalability and security are at the hearth of stakes. Couchbasehas announced general availability of Couchbase Server 4.0, a new release that can enable developers to build a much broader variety of Web, mobile and IoT applications on Couchbase. can observe that, the release can deliver new levels of developer agility, enterprise application scalability and performance, and business insight from data stored in Couchbase. 
With innovations such as: new SQL-based query language, N1QL, and foundational improvements like Global Secondary In…

The wider data protection and cybersecurity needs of enterprises.

Our digital age is witnessing a rapid and sophisticated pace of data theft incidents that hamper our digital experiences anywhere and anytime. 
A set of solutions and paradigms emerge to help us mitigate and deal with this threat. In this momentum, Digital Guardian, has acquired Code Green Networks, a provider of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions for the network, cloud and mobile devices. 
Henceforth with this acquisition, Digital Guardian aims to provide organizations with one data protection policy administered by a single management console and enforced regardless of where the data is located or how it is accessed. also recalls that, the acquisition can provide Digital Guardian with enhanced threat intelligence, deep packet inspection and wider visibility across the network, significantly strengthening its Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities.

Red Hat and the Node.js Foundation in our mobile, web, and IoT applications age.

Node.js as an open source, server-side JavaScript runtime is henceforth at the core of stakes within enterprises when it comes to open source collaboration, build high performance, low latency applications for web, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT).
Node.js is now billed as a strategic technology for mobile, web, and IoT applications. At Red Hat, Inc., Node.js plays an important role by supporting mobile application development, such as the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.
Henceforth, as a Platinum member, Red Hat will have a seat on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors and marketing committee, collaborating with other members to help promote and accelerate the development of the Node.js project and technology.