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Google Cloud Dataproc, a managed Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark is henceforth generally available

Our ever-connected world is now at the core of the Big Data industry that is increasingly streamlined by awesome open source technologies like: Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.Google with its growing partner ecosystemand technology partners aims to offer streamlined experiences around these tools; by helping you focus on what is important for you: data and actionable insights.

Google Cloud Dataproccan inter alia be used in conjunction with Google Cloud Dataflow for real-time batch and stream processing. Create clusters using our Developers Console and Google Cloud SDK, without wasting time waiting for their cluster to be ready.
You can use the Cloud Dataproc REST API with a programming language, such as Python, to programmatically interact with Cloud Dataproc without hassle.

Undiscovered patterns in data sets, with real-time visualization and dynamic filtering

Streamlined real-time visualization and dynamic filtering are becoming a game changer in the Big Data industry where the competition is huge ad where the access to actionable business insights is challenged by various sources datasets.
In this industry , player like CartoDB, for location intelligence, data analysis, and visualization, charts its way with a new solution called Deep Insights, that can enable the visualization, dynamic filtering, and exploration of large location datasets at unprecedented scale and scope. 
With CartoDB’s Deep Insights technology, users can further filter, pan, zoom, and granularly narrow in on data to view trends and patterns.

Drupal Security Updates, Security Tips for ASUS Wireless Routers, Microsoft Update for EMET and GNU glibc Vulnerability

Connectikpeople recalls that, Drupal has released updates to address multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected website.Available updates include: Drupal core 6.38 for 6.x usersDrupal core 7.43 for 7.x usersDrupal core 8.0.4 for 8.0.x usersUsers and administrators are encouraged to review Drupal's Security Advisory and apply the necessary updates.
It is also indispensable to recall that: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has provided network security tips for vulnerable ASUS-branded wireless routers. These routers were found to have major security flaws, allowing hackers to obtain sensitive personal information. Therefore, FTC urges consumers to download the latest security updates for their routers and be cautious when setting up any personal cloud storage. Users and administrators are encouraged to visit FTC's blog for more information and review US-CERT's Tip on Securing Your Home Netwo…