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Apteligent as a Global Device Directory of iOS, Android Devices by Geography in the app economy

Succeed in the mobile app economy means; you have real-time capabilities to understand the dynamics that fuel this industry. You need valuable information, actionable and custom data to name a few.  Apteligentannounced the launch of the global device directory of Android and iOS devices by geography. The directory can provide valuable information such as global device and operating system (OS) adoption trends, and app performance stats for mobile app developers, handset manufacturers, network carriers, industry analysts, and anyone engaged in the app economy. 
Through the Apteligent SDK that provides critical app performance and quality insights to mobile developers and PMs, organizations can access the rich mobile ecosystems data. 
The directory can display global device crash rates and latency information, as well as country specific device performance. 
You can also use this service to benchmark your app on various hardware and software configurations. Updates to the directory are made…

Oracle with its New Innovations in Data Analytics with Free and Open Interfaces to On-chip Accelerators

Speed, High performance, and efficiency are the game changer in the big data analytics industry, so that it is indispensable to arm developers with streamlined tools, technologies and infrastructures.
Oracle has integrated data analytics acceleration into processors, with the goal to enabling unprecedented data scan rates of up to 170 billion rows per second. On the same momentum, a free and open API and developer kit for its Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) in SPARC processors is available for developers through its Software in Silicon Developer Program
For those who are unfamiliar, the program also lets developers view sample use cases and program code, and to test and validate how DAX can speed up analytics applications while test driving Software in Silicon Technology.