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Attach security directly to the data: stakes and realities.

In our digital age where, IT decision-makers feel their organization’s perimeter security is effective at keeping out security threats, whereunauthorized users are still able to access your networks, where organizations that experienced data breaches suffered negative commercial consequences, where sophisticated breaches are on the rise, where relying on perimeter security systems alone is no longer enough, where Traditional security staples such as firewalls and anti-virus should be part of a much greater security strategy, where IT decision makers need to take into account that if someone is motivated enough they will breach a network, no matter how well it is protected, recalls that:
Decision makers should place greater importance on customer data, and look to adopt a ‘secure the breach’ approach that focuses on securing the data after intruders penetrate the perimeter defenses. 
This means they need to attach security directly to the data itself using inter alia: …

Allow engineers to use MATLAB and Simulink to design, test, and deploy robotics algorithms.

Single, integrated design environment to design, test, and deploy and unlocked algorithm development and system design capabilities are always a game-changer when it comes to enhanced productivity and collaboration, innovation, performance and security.
Henceforth with Robotics System Toolbox ( an interface and complete integration between MATLAB and Simulink, and the Robot Operating System (ROS)), robotics researchers and engineers can work in a single, integrated design environment to design, test, and deploy robotics algorithms on ROS-enabled robots and robot simulators such as Gazebo and V-REP. 
You can now focus on design explorations and iterations by reducing the manual rework of conversion from MATLAB to ROS. 
In fact, recalls that Researchers, engineers, and students can now develop a variety of mobile robot applications for use in automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial automation systems in an exciting integrated environment featuring MATLAB…

Combination of Cloud Access Control withVideo Surveillance and open APIs in our data-driven age.

In our digital age where data is the most critical assets, recalls that, the combination of cloud-based access control with video surveillance system and open APIs are a game changer, when it comes to improve security, unlock critical data, enhance seamless and boost innovation.
In this momentum, salutes the strategic alliance to integrate BrivoOnAir™ and the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS, with the primary goal to deliver a unified cloud-based access control and video surveillance system. 
Meaning that, henceforth you can inter alia: implement a ‘full’ cloud solution for video and access control: flexible cloud storage, notifications, analytics support and the ability to integrate IP-enabled or legacy analog cameras.

You can now ask Google to find your Android phone from your desktop.

Following the release of Android Device Manager in 2013 (explanations and details available here!), recalls that you can henceforth ask Google to find your Android phone from your desktop.Meaning inter alia that with the latest version of the Google app: Google can ring it for you or you can see it on the map.

Recent critical trends and recommendations when it comes to Cloud computing within industries.

It is encouraging to note that business leaders and their IT organizations increasingly rely on cloud to flexibly work and deliver services and IT resources at the cost and speed the business requires.
When it comes to critical trends and recommendations, recalls that: A majority of manufacturers worldwide are currently using public or private cloud for more than two applications, 
Cloud computing will become the standard for new operations for manufacturers that want to operate and serve customers globally,
Manufacturers will increasingly rely on enterprise and industry clouds for access to information, technology resources, and operational support,
Cloud technologies are henceforth essential to the way you do business and in the products and services you provide to your customers,  
A strategic approach to adopting cloud is absolutely essential, 
Manufacturers must ensure that the line of business and IT management work together in defining their requirements,
Private clo…