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These startups shake up henceforth the digital economy.

They are now able to raise an exciting amount of money, while their founders are deeply quite motivated to achieve their dreams.New funding captured this week is an essential breathing susceptible to boost their development.
$2.5M / Series A for ChatWork: an enterprise communication platform that brings together text and video chat with task management and file sharing. Founded in 2012 and based in Japan and California. GMO Venture Partners Inc., is a key investor.$30M / Series B for VSCO that develops VSCO Cam, a mobile app that lets users edit and share their images. Founded in 2011, VSCO has raised $70 million to date. AccelPartners, Glynn Capital Management and Goldcrest Investmentsamong investors.$35M / Series B for Scanadu: a medical technology company developing devices that allow users to track and monitor their health. Founded in 2011, Scanadu will use the new funding to push its devices to market. Investors include: Relay, AME Cloud Ventures and Tencent Holdings.$50M / Series…

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and WYOD at your company.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Wearable Your Own Device (WYOD) are among the hot excitements and trends in IT and business right now. 
In this momentum for increased productivity and agility, instead of supplying company phone or computers, companies let employees bring and use their own device to work .
For those excited for adopting this momentum, recommends based on privacy and security's stakes to inter alia: Accept it’s already happening; Create your plan; Set your boundaries ; Plan for the worst and Rollout.

Internet-connected security camera systems and cloud-managed video surveillance! nowadays.

Security stakes related to security in our digital age are endless: from loss of enterprise data and customer data to the loss of company reputation.
Meaning inter alia that, sophisticated cyber-security for video surveillance systems is henceforth indispensable for companies protecting their employees and company assets.  Vulnerabilities, weakness and breaches  related to: 1.      Camera passwords 2.      Port forwarding 3.      Firewalls 4.      Network topology 5.      Operating systems 6.      Operating systems passwords 7.      Video surveillance system passwords 8.      Connection encryption 9.      Video encryption 10.   Mobile 11.   Physical access to equipment & storage 12.   Video recording software,  are daunting; so that encourages companies and organizations to glance on this white paper susceptible to improve your security with a set of 'cyber securitybest practices'.   

Policy management and business-class productivity on Apple Watch™ devices.

Enhanced productivity provided by mobile technologies is now critical in decision-making anywhere and anytime.
With the “wear your own devices” WYOD’s trend, for example, you have henceforth the ability to glance at a wristwatch to quickly inter alia: scan email subjects and see basic details about upcoming meetings.
Therefore recalls that: it’s now imperative that IT has policy controls available to support wearables, increasing employee productivity and allow enterprises to unite usability and enterprise-grade security without endangering sensitive corporate data.
The real-time ability to enable flexible, seamless, secure access to enterprise data without impacting the amazing consumer experiences of the products themselves is critical. 
In this momentum, IT administrators need the real-time capabilities to easily control inter alia the content of the notifications and manage and secure corporate email via a simple web based management console.
For informational purpos…