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Digital and mobile advertising technology: the real value of Airpush.

At, we are always excited to talk about digital and mobile advertising technology. This time, has captured a new momentum into the mobile space. This is AirX, a new private mobile ad exchange. This result is the fruit of a partnership between, and OpenX provider of digital and mobile advertising technology. AirX combines OpenX’s global, Real-Time Bidding (RTB) exchange with Airpush’s ad network of more than 120,000 active Android apps. can observe that, new partnership has created one of the largest

HP JustRight IT product and service offerings can help small and midsized businesses (SMBs).

By harnessing, this post, recalls to small and midsized businesses (SMBs) that, the mobility and the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trends are became essential into their process of productivity. Meaning that, they have enabled and will enable increasingly mobile workforce to access information from anywhere at any time. Last week, has captured the Expanded HP Just Right IT Partner Portfolio targeting SMBs to help them preparing their existing IT infrastructure to quickly provision resources to support and manage mobile devices

Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and C-Suite executives, have you ever heard about IBM Kenexa Talent Suite?

Progressively, it becomes obvious that, business success, nowadays  requires skills with social capabilities that can energize, empower and nurture each team member. has captured the upcoming survey from IBM C-suite that shows that, many businesses are not taking full advantage of the insights delivered by workforce big data and analytics. The study found that just over half of organizations are using workforce analytics, with far fewer applying predictive analytics to optimize decision making and outcomes in areas such as sourcing and recruiting (7 percent), employee engagement and commitment (9 percent) and talent development (10 percent), retention (13 percent). Based on these realities, IBM revealed the software-as-service (SaaS)-based IBM Kenexa Talent Suite that can allow Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and C-Suite executives to gain actionable insights into the deluge of data shared every day

Dear professionals, the new Oracle In-Memory Applications are designed to help the office of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

Henceforth, this is obvious that, using simulation analysis and comparisons, organizations can discover business growth opportunities and capitalize on them, can reduce potential cost risk and take corrective action during the financial period. On this momentum, is pleased to talk about the Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Position Analyzer and PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer that can help Executives improve decision making with Real-Time Bottom Line Simulations. observes that, engineered for Oracle Engineered Systems, the new Oracle In-Memory Applications are designed to help the office of the CFO drive business performance through faster, well-informed decisions based on real-time

A new version of HP IDOL brings open integration with key components of HP’s HAVEn big data platform.

Progressively, it appears that, the organizations need a flexible, secure and high-speed platform that can economically combine structured data, machine data, and new forms of unstructured, human information. We talk about the ability to build big data applications. Henceforth, observes that, HP IDOL 10.5 builds on initial integration with each HP HAVEn component (HP ArcSight, HP Vertica and Apache Hadoop, and significantly expands HP IDOL’s analytics), aims to enable users to more easily build big data applications for a broad spectrum of analytic applications. HP IDOL for Hadoop: By embedding powerful HP IDOL functions such as sentiment analysis, clustering and entity extraction into Hadoop nodes, enterprises can perform advanced customer analytics, security analysis, operational analytics and much more. Pending, the availability of a lightweight version of HP IDOL for Hadoop soon, recalls that, IDOL UDx pack for HP Vertica allows Vertica users t…

Distributed computing in Internet of Everything (IoE): the real value of Cisco.

Henceforth Cisco possesses its compass. Big data and Internet of Everything (IoE) trends obliges, Cisco has revealed its exciting ambition. The release of IOx, Cisco aims to accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things by delivering key capabilities for distributed computing and the deployment of applications securely at the edge of the network. In this adventure, Cisco is already well surrounded by Rockwell Automation, SAP, OSIsoft and STMicroelectronics. observes that, Cisco IOx enables applications to run directly at the network edge, with the goal to overcome rising operational costs and spark new innovations in the Internet of Things. Meaning that, with the new Cisco® IOx capability, users, solution providers across industries will be able to develop, manage and run software applications directly on Cisco industrial networked-devices, including hardened routers, switches and IP video