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Nearby APIs in our mobile and Bigdata age.

Mobile devices represent henceforth an unmatched source of vast amount of data and have made it easy to communicate with anyone and anything. Millions of people around the world who use in real-time are deeply aware of this reality.
Amazing, groundbreaking and exciting technologies and services are progressively available to streamline or to strengthen the experiences. 
In this momentum, Nearby that provides a proximity API, Nearby Messages, for iOS and Android devices to discover and communicate with each other, as well as with beacons, has captured our attention. can observe that Googale has incorporated Nearby technology into several products, including Chromecast Guest Mode, Nearby Players in Google Play Games, and Google Tone.

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Affected systems at Oracle: 193 vulnerabilities addressed

Image recalls that Oracle has released security fixes to address 193 vulnerabilities as part of its quarterly Critical Patch Update. Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.
Therefore users and administrators are encouraged to review the Oracle July 2015 Critical Patch Update and apply the necessary updates.

Accelerating the cloud’s successful adoption also means:

As you can observe and learn with the cloud computing is henceforth at the core of critical stakes and assets in our digital-driven age.
This reality leads to recalls that accelerating the cloud’s successful adoption also means inter alia:

Drilling down into the standards, security and interoperability issues surrounding the transition to the cloud.

It also means complement and streamline existing cloud standards efforts by establishing a core set of client-driven requirements that ensure cloud users will have the same freedom of choice, flexibility, agility, scalability, seamless and openness they have with traditional IT environments.

Create Beacons that can be used for a variety of applications.

Stakes around beacons are increasingly determined, mature and appropriated precisely in retail’s industry where the technology is used to streamline the customer (in a shop) experience in real-time.
Apple leads the excitmens wihin in this field. Henceforth Eddystone is a new protocol specification that defines a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) message format for proximity beacon messages. can observe that it describes several different frame types that may be used individually or in combinations to create beacons that can be used for a variety of applications.
According to Google the design of Eddystone has been driven by several key goals: Works well with Android and iOS Bluetooth developer APIsStraightforward implementation on a wide range of existing BLE devicesFlexible architecture permitting development of new frame typesFully compliant with the Bluetooth Core SpecificationVariety of tools and code samples to assist developers and implementors in wo…

Harness cloud architectures to take advantage of big data analytics capabilities.

Cloud architectures including (Public, Private and Hybrid cloud) transform and will streamline every phase of our digital experiences. 
These architectures are complementary with their requirements. For example the Hybrid cloud deployment is emerging as a preferred choice of users who want to balance their requirements and costs. Critical data and processing remains in the enterprise data center, while other resources are deployed in public cloud environments. has captured for you a new whitepaper that describes how to harness cloud architectures to take advantage of big data analytics capabilities. Included are vendor-neutral best practices for hosting analytics solutions on cloud.

Using analytics in our digital age means>

With, everyone can streamline its Big data and Analytics experiences in real-time.
In our Big data age, it is clear that Big data technologies increases the amount and variety of data that can be processed by analytics.
In this momentum, we focus on visualizations and insights that can significantly improve business operations.
Therefore recalls that using analytics reveals patterns, trends and associations in data that help an organization understand the behavior of the people and systems that drive its operation. 
Using analytics helps increase productivity and perforamnce, streamline your critical systems and opreations, but also help you unlock new revenue streams.

Updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and at Adobe.

Image recalls that Microsoft has released 14 updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution or elevation of privileges.
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review Microsoft Security Bulletins MS15-058 and MS15-065 through MS15-077 and apply the necessary updates.
Adobe has also released security updates to address critical vulnerabilities within the ActionScript 3 opaqueBackground and BitmapData classes of Flash Player. 
Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system. Versions affected include Adobe Flash Player 9 through Users and administrators are encouraged to review Adobe Security Bulletin APSA15-18 and apply the necessay updates.Additional information can be found in Vulnerability Notes VU#338736 and VU#918568.
In addition, Adobe has released a security update to addres…