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Big data analytics and processing in Agriculture

Big Data Analytics is deeply transforming the entire Agriculture industry with precise data, enhanced productivity, processes, with increased flexibility and security. 
For those who are unfamiliar, Big data analytics and processing can be define as the collection of large and intricate data series which are generally difficult to process using common database management tools.
According to Research and Markets, Big data in agriculture is becoming a crucial aspect and accounts for nearly 5% of the market share of the entire big data industry. 
The firm also announces that, Asia Pacific is estimated to be the fastest growing region during 2016-2021. China and India holds the major share in the big data in agriculture market in APAC region due to rapid growth in the big data sector and its application on various parameters of the farming industry.

Fully managed Private OpenStack as a service

OpenStack is now an essential component of private cloud architectures, and of the entire cloud industry. This momentum is at the core multiple streamlined initiatives focusing on global scalability, flexibility for off-premises deployments, a rapid on-ramp to OpenStack services without complexity, and alternatives for total cost of ownership reduction.
For instance, NTT Com Enterprise Cloud and Mirantis through their technical and go-to-market collaboration will be able to deliver instant-on, hands-off managed cloud experience for our global users.

Policy makers on the evolution of the digital economy

It is definitely obvious that, the evolution of the digital economy has created new dynamics that require a reset of some elements. 
In effect, the rapid take-up of technologies including mobile communications, digital platforms, big data, cloud computing , social media, to name a few are changing the nature of the products and services, and the ways people interact. 
This transformation is disrupting existing business models and industries, while offering substantial potential to enrich lives and raise living standards for citizens around the world.
Based on these realities, policy makers should review and update their competition and regulatory frameworks to create an environment that will facilitate long-term, sustainable competition and encourage innovation
GSMA Report proposesa number of recommendations for policy makers: The control of data can confer a competitive advantage and should be considered in competitive assessments; Price is not the only important factor in digital…

Red Hat + Ericsson for Pervasive Adoption of IoT, 5G, OpenStack, containers, NFV, SDN and SDI

At the centre of the expanded collaboration, we have: NFV infrastructure (NFVi), OpenStack, SDN, SDI and containers with the goal to define the next generation of modern technology for the communications industry.  In effect, the Collaboration (RedHat + Ericsson)combines openness and choice with scale and efficiency to deliver fully open source and production-ready cloud infrastructure, spanning OpenStack, software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined infrastructure (SDI).

Easily integrate, transform, govern, explore, visualize, and deliver data anywhere

At the core of the stakes, we have: platform for data analysts,the release of Looker 4, Looker Blocks Directory, Global Partners and Certification Program. I can note that, the Looker Blocks Directory contains over 50 pre-built, re-usable analytic templates created by Looker, Google, Segment, Stitch and many others, plus 12 data applications. 
Looker 4 is on an interesting way to address the fragmentation of self-service dashboards and data preparation tools.
In effect, Looker4, as simplified, complete data platformcan allow companies to easily integrate, transform, govern, explore, visualize, and deliver data anywhere, in virtually any application.