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Service de TV en streaming multiplateforme : Samsung s’y mêle pour faire comme les autres.

La consommation de la vidéo monte en puissance sur mobile comme sur PC, un engouement porté par les réseaux sociaux, l’innovation technologique, les nouveaux média et les terminaux de

Cisco modular 2900 series router with the SmartBox-V: to help Diamlemos consolidate , innovate its IT infrastructure.

This is a milestone for Cisco, the SmartBox-V (an integrated bundle of Software and quality Services from Setel running on a Cisco blade server, hosted within a Cisco modular 2900 series

‘’Première norme’’, visant à fiabiliser le traitement des avis sur internet des consommateurs.

Jusqu’ici si la France est réputée être à la traine en matière de création d’innovation technologique, mais c’est un pays qui aime

Huawei’s AtomCell small cell solution: Huawei and Vodafone Jointly ,Win Award.

The strong involvement of Huawei in the Europe  in terms of investments and lobbying, shows that, this market is a priority for the group. In one of its partnerships with Vodafone, Huawei has

The Regal App has surpassed a million downloads since its debut in 2012.

A million downloads henceforth reached, represents a milestone for Regal Entertainment Group. The app available on Android and iOS, has also accommodates recent updates with several innovative

L’œil bionique bientôt disponible pour rendre la vie plus ou moins facile au malade.

Ce sont près de 200 millions de dollars investis par le secteur privé et public, près de 20 de recherche et développement, qui viennent d’être récompensés. En effet l'Argus II a été approuvé par la FDA

Xobni, has been acquired by Yahoo!: stakes and opportunities.

As 10 years ago, Yahoo! continues to apply the same strategy: acquire and close. Since yesterday, it is official that, Xobni has joined the Yahoo! HQ.
Henceforth, the stake is to improve Yahoo! products user

New Skype for Windows Desktop 6.6 and Skype for Mac 6.6, are now available.

Always on its dynamic to ensure a consistent Skype experience, Skype has released today a new version of Skype for Windows desktop, henceforth no matter what device you use, Skype has

Vine 1.3, a Twitter’s six-second looping video-sharing app launched new features to compete Instagram.

Following the recent update of Instagram, it has been observed that Vine is losing its users. Therefore, this new release aims to widen the gap. Launched today, the new version 1.3 brings new and