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Allow businesses to benefit from the network effect of blockchain

There is a lots excitement around blockchain as an emerging technology that has the potential to transform the way industries conduct business transactions.
Based inter alia on this reality, IBM brings up a blockchain ecosystem to help accelerate the creation of blockchain networks. 
The growing maturity of the Hyperledger Project code is at the core of stakes, when it comes to help developers.

IBM will provide education and tools aimed to reduce the time required to go from idea to execution
I can also observe that, IBM blockchain professionals will hold “office hours” via the Hyperledger Fabric Slack channel providing support to developers and help with troubleshooting. This is in addition to the courses and learning modules for business users and developers already available on developerWorks.  These will be augmented with code libraries, smart contract templates and tools currently in development to speed the creation of blockchain apps.

Code42 Managed Authority on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enables Full Control in Secure Cloud

At the core of stakes, cloud deployment options that harness the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of its continued security strategy. We have the ability to keep encrypted data separate from the encryption keys. Scalability, performance and security of Code42 with the strengths of the AWS Cloud
We also have the option to deploy the authority in your own existing AWS environment. With the strict separation of encryption keys and encrypted backup data, the managed authority on AWS can allows Code42 users to deploy a full-cloud option, while meeting their strict security and control needs.

Here is why database administrators (DBAs) are consolidating multiple database instances

More and more enterprises are moving highly transactional workloads from traditional databases to in-memory databases like SAP HANA. For those who are unfamiliar, SAP HANA is an in-memory computing platform that allows data-centric companies to analyze large volumes of data quickly to deliver more business intelligence and simplify IT operations.
For many analysts, SAP HANA is gaining momentum in SAP environments and over other traditional database platforms where database administrators (DBAs) are consolidating multiple database instances to expand access to real-time data and reduce costs.

View your entire Oracle, SQL Server and SAP database environments, including SAP HANA and Sybase ASE

I have a pleasure to recall that, IDERA’s Workload Analysisfor SAP HANA complements SAP’s native tools, providing database administrators (DBAs) visibility into how memory is being used and how SQL code is working in their SAP HANA instance without any of the vulnerabilities that come from full management access. In effect, with IDERA tools, DBAs can now view their entire Oracle, SQL Server and SAP database environments, including SAP HANA and Sybase ASE.