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Microsoft Azure Resource Manager with the creation and management of applications with Virtual Machines.

It is more and more exciting to see how easy you can launch and deploy applications using Virtual Machines. Docker plays a powerful role in this momentum, so that the public preview for template-based deployments of Compute, Networking and Storage, using the Azure Resource Manager can inter alia: transform building, deploying and managing large-scale complex applications. can note that the new template language aims to enable you to easily suture together VMs, Virtual Networks, Storage Accounts, NICs, Load-balancers, and other PaaS services.

Henceforth, you can model application installations directly on the VMs, using the integrated extension support; you can enjoy simple resource management and you can configure role-based access at the API level.

The quantum computing errors

In our digital age, it is always exciting to recalls that the most basic piece of information that a typical computer understands is a bit: "1" or "0". In the quantum world, we talk about a quantum bit (qubit): 1 or 0 as well as both values at the same time described as superposition and simply denoted as “0+1”. This superposition property is what allows quantum computers to choose the correct solution amongst millions of possibilities in a time much faster than a conventional computer.
Quantum information is very fragile because all existing qubit technologies lose their information when interacting with matter and electromagnetic radiation.
According to the data available, two types of errors can occur on such a superposition state. One is called a bit-flip error, which simply flips a 0 to a 1 and vice versa. This is similar to classical bit-flip errors. Phase-flip errors can also be present, which flip the sign of the phase relationship between 0 and 1 in a superp…

The Quantum Computing in our data age!

The stakes are enormous when it comes to streamline industries, transform how people make decisions and how researchers across industries make critical discoveries and more. In our digital age, Quantum computers (atom-based computing) could quickly sort and curate ever larger databases as well as massive stores of diverse, unstructured data.
However, quantum machines, since quantum information is so fragile and one of the great challenges for scientists seeking to harness the power of quantum computing is controlling or removing quantum decoherence.
The creation of errors in calculations is caused by interference from factors such as heat, electromagnetic radiation, and material defects. salutes the IBM performances, described in the April 29 issue of the journal Nature Communications (DOI: 10.1038/ncomms7979), showing the ability to detect and measure the two types of quantum errors (bit-flip and phase-flip) that will occur in any real quantum computer. 
For those who…

Windows 10 Store for Consumers, Businesses, and Developers

Today, during the Build conference, has captured more details on what the Windows Store will offer to end-users, businesses, and developers. 
One can learn inter alia that: End-users, apps in the Windows Store will install and uninstall easily, and the Store will support a range of global payment methods on all Windows devices.
For businesses, admins highlights apps for their employees, distributes select apps from the Windows Store and private line-of-business apps to their employees, and use business payment methods like purchase orders.
When it comes to Developers, they will be able to write an application once and distribute it to the entire Windows 10 device family. Microsoft also announced several new capabilities coming to Windows 10: 1.Carrier billing across all Windows 10 devices, which from our phone experience, increases purchases in emerging markets by 8x 2.Updated Windows 10 Microsoft Advertising SDK with support for video ads and install tracking 3.In-app pu…