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6 amazing gaming and animation companies to follow in Africa.

The game industry in Africa is again in development and we have some good reasons to believe because the teams behind these companies are aware of the stakes. Therefore we’ve decided to present you a list of 6 amazing ventures in gaming and animation. 
Maliyo Games from Nigeria: to share the experiences of everyday Africa with the world through interactive : premier service électronique de paiement de facture au Bénin.

Encore en dedéveloppement FactureXpress, est une initiative d’Ismail Jolasun. A la suite donc de nombreuses expériences malheureuses, il décida de développer une méthode rapide, facile et pratique de payer des factures en ligne dans son pays la république du bénin. 

The top twelve spam-relaying countries and continents for December 2012 - February 2013

Despite advanced tools and technologies implemented, the war against spams remains complicated and the phenomena hits henceforth every country due to financial incentive. So according to the recent stats from SophosLabs, the USA is back on top as the world's leading spam-relaying country. This means that

Game: Temple Run is back, with Oz movie edition.

Billed as inspired by Temple Run 2 and the new movie Oz the Great and Powerful, we noted that in this game your task is to outrun baboons across the land.
It includes features like: Stunning environments inspired by the film, Fly in a hot air balloon, Explore different locations in Oz, The environment changes as you run , Compete in

Microsoft continuera d’accuser Google mail, de lire les e-mails pour diffuser de la publicité ciblée.

Une information qui ne surprendrait personne du moins les spécialistes car diffuser de la publicité ciblée, veut dire qu’on s’appuie sur un certain nombre d’informations sur la cible de manière illicite ou autorisée. On peut par conséquent traquer les habitudes de navigation via les cookies ou lire les contenus des activités.

Equinox Concept: a new way for customizing cameras

Designed by Dae jin Ahn & Chun hyun Park, the goal behind this project is to bring to life a new way of customizing cameras.
According to its designers, until now, different CCD parts were used repeatedly, every time they bought different cameras.

Concept Socialmatic : enjeux, réalités et opportunité.

Avec une simple photo ou une courte vidéo, on peut résumer, décrire, expliquer, promouvoir un fait, un évènement, une situation ou un état quelconque. Ce sont donc les outils de communication efficaces et intemporels. La photo ou la vidéo d’une cascade vous plonge dans la beauté de celle-ci sans y être rendue, la photo d’un évènement heureux marque à jamais ces moments. 

Panna: your video, cooking magazine for the iOS accommodates new major update.

For those who unfamiliar, Panna video app is built for the home cook and aims to bring the experts into your kitchen, offering recipes that are not only easy to execute. Panna for example curates these videos into regular departments, including Cooking for Company, Chef's

CeBIT 2013: Super Talent Technology will feature live product demonstrations and showcase new products.

For those who unfamiliar,Super Talent Technology aims to be leading manufacturers of NAND flash storage solutions. Following its press release, it will be presenting its most recent and innovative products March 5-9 at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover, Germany.

Amazon Trusted Advisor accommodates a new update: free trial and new features now available.

For those who unfamiliar the AWS Trusted Advisor is an application that monitors your Amazon Web Service environment and makes recommendations to help you more or less save money, improve performance, or close security gaps.

Chrome for Android announces Faster browsing for your smaller screens.

Henceforth available since March 4, 2013 the recent Chrome updates bring faster and simpler browsing to your phones and tablets.
Now you can scroll and fling to view all of your favorite web pages speedily and easily, you can also share any web page via