Showing posts from October 15, 2013

AVAST Software, today launched avast! 2014: stakes and opportunities.

Dear professionals, Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for October 2013 to address 127 vulnerabilities across multiple products.

New Google Maps app 2.3.4 for the iPhone and iPad brings faster navigation, new language support, and much more.

Huawei Opens the Door to Ultrafast Broadband Access via Multi-medium.

IBM Research today unveiled two new Watson-related cognitive technologies: stakes and opportunities.

Publicité sur mobile et sur les réseaux sociaux : ce que vaut Yahoo ! en octobre 2013.

Oracle eCertificate is now available for all candidates: stakes and opportunities.

GreenTech: Toshiba has implemented a solar-power based electronic vehicle charge management system in Lyon, France.

Today, Panasonic announced it has developed high precision, wide field of view millimeter-wave technologies.

Dear professionals, today, Adobe unveils Major Innovations in Adobe Analytics

Historique, voici comment Alstom transformera le paysage urbain en Afrique du Sud entre 2015 et 2025pour 4 milliards d’euros.

Android 4.4 (KitKat) makes set of APIs for building SMS apps public.