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AVAST Software, today launched avast! 2014: stakes and opportunities.

With about 200 million installations on computers and on mobile devices, Avast technology is one of the most popular security solutions. Its portfolio covers everything from free antivirus for PC, Mac, and Android, to premium suites and services for both consumers and business. The 2014 version unveiled today, aims to improve performance, download and install times, privacy, and protection.
Its offers: ·Protection with DeepScreen technology. (Allows avast! to clear away false code,

Dear professionals, Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for October 2013 to address 127 vulnerabilities across multiple products.

Connectikpeople has received this midday the update which contains the following security fixes: 2 for Oracle Database Server17 for Oracle Fusion Middleware4 for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control1 for Oracle E-Business Suite

New Google Maps app 2.3.4 for the iPhone and iPad brings faster navigation, new language support, and much more.

With this release, you can enjoy faster access to navigation, complete with route and traffic overview ; Tips and Tricks available in the side menu ; Arabic and Hebrew

Huawei Opens the Door to Ultrafast Broadband Access via Multi-medium.

Progressively Huawei unveiles its ambitions around the In 2011, Connectikpeople may recall that, Huawei had released the world's first prototype and until now, has contributed a majority of core technologies.
Yesterday, the Chinese company unveiled the world's first over Coax multi-user access prototype capable of providing an ultrafast broadband access

IBM Research today unveiled two new Watson-related cognitive technologies: stakes and opportunities.

The Cognitive technologies ,as approaches to solve problems of data, become  progressively one of the best solution. In this ecosystem, IBM is  paving and consolidates its way.  With the goal to help physicians make more informed and accurate decisions faster and to cull new insights from electronic medical records (EMR), IBM Research today unveiled two new Watson-related cognitive technologies. Connectikpeople may recall that, the projects known as “WatsonPaths” and “Watson

Publicité sur mobile et sur les réseaux sociaux : ce que vaut Yahoo ! en octobre 2013.

Difficile pour le moment d’apprécier la position de Yahoo !, dans l’écosystème de la publicité sur mobile et sur les réseaux sociaux. En effet, depuis l’arrivée deMarissa Mayer, le mobile est certes au cœur des priorités du Groupe, mais jusqu’ici, côté publicité sur mobile et sur les réseaux sociaux, rien ne

Oracle eCertificate is now available for all candidates: stakes and opportunities.

Widely appreciated, and requested  in Africa like the Cisco certifications, progressively these programs appear like a key for job.
This midday Oracle announced that all candidates will receive access to an electronic version of their Oracle

GreenTech: Toshiba has implemented a solar-power based electronic vehicle charge management system in Lyon, France.

This demonstration Project, is entered to commercial operation today. Connectikpeople can observe that, the system will be operated by Proxiway, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transdev, and it was under a program organized by Japan’s NEDO (“New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization”). At Connectikpeople, we hope that, this system could

Today, Panasonic announced it has developed high precision, wide field of view millimeter-wave technologies.

Panasonic pursues its walk towards innovation. In this dynamic, today, this Japanese company announced having developed high precision, wide field of view millimeter-wave technologies. According to Panasonic, these technologies are able to separately detect cars, pedestrians and bicycles in less than 0.1 seconds, on the condition that they are separated by 20cm. Connectikpeople has learned that, these technologies will be applied to 79GHz radar,

Dear professionals, today, Adobe unveils Major Innovations in Adobe Analytics

Henceforth Adobe Analytics features Predictive Anomaly Detection, Enhanced Mobile App Measurement, Real-time Data Visualizations and Robust Video Metrics. According to Adobe, the upgrades are designed to significantly enhance marketers’

Historique, voici comment Alstom transformera le paysage urbain en Afrique du Sud entre 2015 et 2025pour 4 milliards d’euros.

Après de divergences apparentes sur les différentes crises de Côte d’ivoire, la Lybie et la toute récente en RCA, la France et la République Sud Africaine (RSA) passent aux choses plus sérieuses avec la visite officielle encours du Président français, Hollande

Android 4.4 (KitKat) makes set of APIs for building SMS apps public.

Android 4.4 (KitKat) makes set of APIs for building SMS apps public. If until now, developers have built SMS apps using hidden APIs, henceforth, pending the release of Kikat 4.4 later this year, Android Developers provide developers with a fully supported set of APIs for building SMS apps and to make the user experience for