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An expense-reporting software, a toy and crafts company and financial management software and service.

Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, Personal Capital has $50M in a series D, this company provides financial management software and service tools to help families and individuals track $100 billion in holdings. Personal Capital has raised over $100 million to date and will use the latest cash to back growth and new product development.
Founded in 2006 in New Zealand, and based in Irvine, CA, Seedling has raised $7.0M. The company has just merged with PS XOto offer a one-stop shop for children and family-focused products. Seedling sells products in 20 countries.
Abacus, founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York has raised $3.5M in seed funding. Labs, is an expense-reporting software company that helps businesses quickly reimburse their employees for company expenses.

Cognitive computing Exploration in our data-driven world.

Enterprises and organizations are more and more aware of the power of the data they host or from external sources. This means inter alia that, they henceforth leverage the information extracted from these data to make smarter decisions and to appropriate performance. When it comes to cognitive computing,, talks about a new class of software, services and apps that think, improve by learning, and discover insights from massive amounts of Big Data. This emerging technology likely to transform decision-making can provide or deliver: The ability to quickly use natural language processing capabilities and data exploration to discover valuable business information in both structured and unstructured data;Offer deeper levels of insight, showing what is happening and why;provide context, trends and relationships;help professionals find and understand the information they need to work more efficiently, gain more insights from their unstructured content and realize their object…

Twitter data across industries and professions: here is what enterprises can learn from the new partnership between Twitter and IBM.

Twitter data across industries and professions: this is  key stuff behind the new partnership between Twitter and IBM. Social media, Big data/Analytics, and the cloud computing transform henceforth our interactions with institutions, people, customers, markets, brands and services. At the center of this trend: we have data and our ability to understand and harness these ones in real-time and anywhere.
Twitter and IBM have decided to tap into mine by integrating inter alia: Twitter data with IBM analytics services on the cloud, so that they can provide; Twitter data as part of select cloud-based services;  Deliver intuitive visualization and predictive capabilities to business users; enable application developers to embed data services in applications;  deliver a set of enterprise applications to help improve business decisions across industries and professions; allow sales, marketing, and customer service professionals to map sentiment and behavior to better engage and support their custom…

Our global Cyber Awareness System shines spotlight on Drupal (a content management system).

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that, Drupal released a public service announcement to address active exploitations of a previously patched vulnerability found in Drupal core 7.x versions prior to 7.32. Therefore, we advise users and administrators to review Drupal's Public Service announcement and apply the necessary updates or workarounds.

Japanese investment firm SoftBank on the way to transform India's e-commerce scene.

The mobile is transforming the way we consume, trade and buy. Henceforth all we need as a product or a service follow us in real-time and anywhere. Social media, location-services and Big data/Analytics are at the core of this trends with their abilities to combine valuable data.
Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce's giant has demonstrated its ability to master its inner market and its willingness to go global.
Nearby,, soon #Retinknow can recall that investments for e-commerce giants Flipkart and Snapdealalone comprise nearly $2.8 billion of a total $5.3 billion raised by India-based startups since 2013.
Japanese investment firm SoftBank announced it would invest over $800 million into deals for e-commerce platform Snapdealand on-demand taxi service Olacabs. This may be a new endeavor for SoftBank, as, the firm is designing the Alibaba of the Indian market.