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Functionalities that offer Chinese wearable device vendors

The Chinese wearable device market is steadily dominated by local vendors including Xiaomi, Lifesense and Okii. Emerging wearable device startups represented by Mobvoi , Huami and Bong ramp up.
Chinese vendors move from making exploratory innovation in wearable device functions to translating such innovation into essential functions for most products. 
Payment is deeply becoming an indispensable function of Chinese-made wearable devices. Through NFC, QR code scanning and others, Chinese vendors have become both pioneers and bellwethers in the wearable payment field. 
2016, Mobvoi and Huami were the first Chinese manufacturers to introduce offline music storage to their smartwatch ranges. This is set to become the next major function for new wearable devices, according to IDC.

Google, Adobe, Facebook, Marketo, and Salesforce in the Marketing Technology industry

The dynamic from these technology vendors is increasingly interesting in terms of streamlined tools for the marketing industry.
In effect, Marketers work henceforth with their IT departments early in the purchase process; an intelligent approach that produces great results as the buyer's journey for new technology is long and complex.
The IT department is a valuable partner, and including IT professionals in the decision making process should result in greater ROI.
According to IDC, Google, Adobe, Facebook, Marketo, and Salesforce are indentified as "cutting edge" by marketing professionals. 
Among the over 300 U.S. marketing professionals surveyed by IDC, Marketers who use cutting edge technologies such as Google, Adobe, Facebook, Marketo, or Salesforce exhibited greater brand loyalty, with 67% likely to consider the same vendor in the future (vs. 44% for marketers not using cutting edge companies). 
The characteristics most associated with cutting edge marketing solutions …

The extensive use of data converters in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks

For those who are unfamiliar, many basic functions in smartphones and tablets such as voice calling, video streaming, image capture, and touch sensing involve data converters at the backend for signal conversion. 
The increasing development of 3G/4G-compatible smartphones will increase the number of filters, both SAW and BAW, which will increase the number of data convert units in the RF front ends.  The increasing display resolution and processor capacity in smartphones will influence the demand for high-speed data converters. 
Data converters act as a key component, converting analog signals from different devices to digital signals for processing.