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Simplify Cloud Computing Contracts in our digital-driven world.

The benefits from the cloud computing technologies and services are now indisputable. From the flexibility, via the productivity, to the performance, a set of inconveniences related to security and privacy is more and more overcame.
Therefore,, encourages cloud vendors, to dramatically and radically simplify and make it easy for customers to enter into cloud computing services agreements by creating a standard, two-page or one-page agreement to replace longer, more complex contracts that typically  require long negotiations and reviews before a deal is signed.

2015 is a year to simplify and accelerate how clients contract for cloud services, easily navigable and understandable.

Secure Amazon Web Service adoption to the enterprise.

Virtual IT infrastructures are henceforth indispensable for our productivity, flexibility, performance, security and the end-to-end competitiveness.
However to enjoy this reality, we need to overcome or mitigate, a set of complexities, threats, and bottlenecks related to security, privacy, data, IT infrastructures, flexibility, scalability, costs, and more. 
Numerous organizations leverage Amazon Web Service (AWS), but more often don’t have the skills or capacity to effectively manage this infrastructure, when it comes to best practices and more. encourages Datapipein its holistic commitment, to help you manage your AWS environment; protect your IT assets; implement AWS environment security best practices seamlessly; understand and implement the complete set of security capabilities that are available in the AWS platform.

New version of Autotask Remote Monitoring & Endpoint Management is now available.

Henceforth Autotask appropriates the value of simplicity, reliability and scalability, when it comes to manage endpoints across your entire IT estate.
If unfamiliar,, reminds that, Autotask helps IT organisations with cloud-based IT business management platform that can enable efficiency, accountability and access to the metrics that drive intelligent business decisions.

Intelligent voice interfaces for any app, device, or website in our digital-word.

In our mobile-driven world, our hands and fingers are more and busier, when it comes to chat, to slide pages, to capture video, to drive, bike and cook.
Thanks to, advanced speech recognition technologies, henceforth our voice adds and brings productivity and accuracy on our daily activity. 
Therefore, at, we define an Intelligent voice interfaces for any app, device, or website in our digital-word, like:
a massive data sets combined with recent advances in deep learning; a customize and intuitive experience for your application; a comprehensive knowledge graph, that, users leverage to find information, data, services, knowledge, products in real-time while driving, working, biking, walking, cooking and shopping.
Expectlabs paves its way in this space.