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A new, Ansible automation-centric approach to multi-cloud management with Red Hat CloudForms 4.5

I can observe that, with Red Hat CloudForms 4.5, organizations can more quickly and easily publish fully automated IT services, providing their end users with policy-controlled self-service lifecycle management of their resources, while maintaining greater visibility and management capabilities for disparate resources.

Red Hat CloudForms 4.5 natively integrates Ansible, taking an industry-first automation-based approach to multi-cloud management. This is designed not only to make Red Hat CloudForms more easily deployable across an organization, but also to provide users with far more readily available integration points, increasing the depth and breadth of automation for their IT service management needs.
For those who are unfamiliar, Ansible by Red Hat is a simple, powerful and agentless open source IT automation platform that enables entire teams to automate repetitive tasks using a simple, human-readable language.

The residential robotic vacuum cleaner market in Western Europe

When it comes to residential robotic vacuum cleaner, first I see low maintenance cost, I also see compatible structure as per the need of consumers; cord-less structure gives these vacuum cleaners the flexibility to move around on the floor easily with the self-navigation features protecting them from any uncertainty that could otherwise damage the robots.  According to Research and Markets, the residential robotic vacuum cleaner market in Western Europe will grow at a CAGR of 13.81% during the period 2017-2021. Its new report reveals that, vacuum cleaner robots have the components that do not require regular maintenance and are also shock adjustable. These machines are commonly developed using high quality materials and are worked to serve for a considerable length of time to come. The lone employment would be to occasionally supplant the sack or empty the container and in addition keeping the floor clear of messiness and other possibly harming objects.
Among key vendors, we have iRobot…

Growing internet of things (IoT) in robotics

Steadily very exciting to observe that, theInternet of Things (IoT) is fueling the robotic markets. The latest feature in robotics seems to be the internet of things that has made the communication easy with robots. For instance, Vacuum cleaner robots are Wi-Fi enabled and can be operated through mobile applications. With this feature, users can operate robots from anywhere and at any time.

The increasing adoption of sentiment analysis software

It is steadily obvious that, the increased need for digital transformation is one of the key enablers for the increasing adoption of sentiment analysis software. In effect, digital transformation among targeted consumers, such as SMB, creates opportunities for IT companies to market their products and services. Sentiment analysis is gaining popularity to analyze the market potential of IT solutions and services used for digital transformations. The sentiment analysis software for enterprises is widely being deployed to survey and obtain opinions from customers, industry experts, IT executives, and other stakeholders engaged in the implementation of digital transformation in enterprises.
According to Research and Markets key vendors include Angoss Software Corporation, Clarabridge, IBM, and SAS Institute.

The telecommunications Application Programming Interface (API) marketplace

It is now clear that, the telecommunications Application Programming Interface (API) marketplace has significantly matured in recent years. While some expectations have not yet been realized, such as carrier branded application stores, B2B revenue to third-parties such as OTT providers continues to provide wholesale services revenue growth for traditional Communication Service Providers (CSP). However, much of Telecom API opportunity has been limited to larger carriers in developed countries. There remains a lucrative opportunity for both smaller CSPs and larger carriers in developing countries.

Automate IT remediation of critical issues

At the core of stakes, we have latest version of Red Hat Insights, bringing the power of Ansible automation to its actionable intelligence platform. The ability to automate IT remediation of critical issues through Ansible Playbooks. Be able to create a self-optimizing infrastructure with Red Hat Insights, save valuable manual labor and associated costs. For those who are unfamiliar, Red Hat Insights is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides continuous, in-depth analysis of an organization’s Red Hat-based infrastructure to help proactively identify threats to security, performance, and stability across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, as well as container deployments. According to Red Hat, Red Hat Insights learns and gets smarter with every additional piece of intelligence and data. It can automatically discover relevant insights, proactively recommend tailored next actions and even automate tasks.