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Mobile Enterprise Applications in 2015.

No reasons to think that, enterprises will escape the wave of mobility, henceforth indispensable, when it comes to productivity, performance and the end-to-end competitiveness.
Combined to the rapidly evolving technologies, this reality will explode the number of enterprise applications optimized for mobility.
This app explosion will transform industries and markets. However the path to broader mobilization of business processes will remain complex.

Therefore, we encourage enterprises to appropriate and streamline their strategies, decisions, and investments for the mobility.

Converged Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure in our data-driven world.

Datacenters, software, mobile applications, web-based technologies and IT professionals, are called to face unmatched challenges in the upcoming years related to the management of resources and data.
A range of technologies, methodologies and architectures are already available to bring peace in minds. Among them, the Converged Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure. Here , we talk about:
The ability to meet future IT Demands;
Transform operations across the data center;
Compete and succeed;
Deploy mission-critical workloads in a highly scalable, flexible, secure, and cost-efficient environment;
Faster and more flexible converged storage;
Manage the most important workloads in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cloud, mobility, and big data;
Support advanced cloud and software-defined infrastructure environments as they transition to the new style of IT;
Redefining performance, availability and scalability of mission-critical environments;
Simplifying storage and reducing risk through c…

Targeted Phishing attacks against GoDaddy Customers.

Targeted phishing attacks grow and, are more and more sophisticated and tailored. This directs us to warn, and remind webmasters that, they have to be extra careful not to be fooled. A lot of phishingattacks uses email registered at GoDaddy , their real name and GUI to fool their owners.
Here is an example of phishingemails: Dear Valued GoDaddy Customer RealName. Your account contains more than 5271 directories and may pose a potential performance risk to the server. Please reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent possible account deactivation. In order to prevent your account from being locked out we recommend that you create special directory. Or use the link below: However, when clicked (or moused over), the link actually redirects to a secondary phishing page located at httx:// asking for your GoDaddy user and password:
As a GoDaddy customer, always use to login and do …

Amazon Web Service Certified SysOps Administrator ,AWS DevOps Engineer,and more.

With the growing fragmentation of a set of popular Web Services, encourages you to appropriate each opportunity available, when it comes to certifications. In this momentum, we have captured for you the AWS Certification offers, including the AWS DevOps Engineer, a professional BETA exam available until December 21, 2014.
If unfamiliar, reminds that, AWS Certifications designate individuals who demonstrate knowledge, skills and proficiency with AWS services. AWS Certification exams validate the technical knowledge and skills necessary for building and maintaining applications and services on the AWS Cloud. You can learn more about the certifications offered by AWS, visiting
All exams are available in English. Select exams are available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and French.

The use of analytics for assessing and directing data in a cloud computing environment.

Big Data analytics as the cloud computing are henceforth indispensable to streamline our critical operations and to appropriate the end-to-end competitiveness. This means inter alia that, we need efficient cloud and actionable data. 
In this momentum, the use of analytics for assessing and directing data in a cloud computing environment, can help us and enable: ·More timely and efficient application processing and management; ·More effectively analyzing data from a variety of sources to avoid performance inefficiencies and processing delays; ·Expedite critical processes; ·Help ensure each piece of data gets the proper attention in a timely manner; ·Perform real-time analysis on data; ·Identifying patterns in the data values that have correlated with slower processing in the past; ·Ensure timely, efficient analysis. This holistic approach is now vital, when it comes to quickly ingest, analyze and correlate information as it arrives from thousands of real-time sources.