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Popular and vulnerable dating apps: the Steps consumers need to protect themselves against attackers.

In our digital-driven world, where data are the most powerful asset, nothing is critical like a secure trustworthy app.
The IBM study reveals that many of the popular dating applications have access to additional features on mobile devices such as the camera, microphone, storage, GPS location and mobile wallet billing information, which in combination with the vulnerabilities may make them exploitable to hackers.  Some of the specific vulnerabilities identified on the at-risk dating apps include cross site scripting via man in the middle, debug flag enabled, weak random number generator and phishing via man in the middle.

According to this study, hackers could intercept cookies from the app via a Wi-Fi connection or rogue access point, and then tap into other device features such as the camera, GPS, and microphone that the app has permission to access. They also could create a fake login screen via the dating app to capture the user’s credentials, so when they try to log into a website…

Here is what Enterprises can do to protect themselves from vulnerable dating apps active inside their infrastructure.

Many developers are very talented, clever and gifted when it comes to develop beautiful apps with a cute design that work. But as you can discover here, few have strong skills to develop secure and trustworthy apps. 
An analysis conducted by IBM Security found over 60 percent of leading dating mobile apps they studied to be potentially vulnerable to a variety of cyber-attacks that put personal user information and corporate data at risk. 
According to the IBM Application Security Research team, businesses need to be prepared to protect themselves from vulnerable dating apps active inside their infrastructure, especially for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios. 
To protect confidential corporate assets, businesses should: ·      Adopt the Right Protection: Leverage Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) offerings with mobile threat management (MTM) capabilities to enable employees to utilize their own devices while still maintaining the security of the organization. ·      Define Downloada…

Know how to Keep Your Electronic Documents Secure & Legal.

If you are not familiar with the legal and compliance requirements of doing business digitally, DocuSign offers a webinarto learn: The high-level legalities of eSignatures from the UK Electronic Communication Act (2000) and the European Directive 1999/93 ECHow DocuSign offers a court-admissible Certificate of Completion with a comprehensive digital audit trail to confirm the validity of your transactionsBest practices for compliance, common misperceptions, and how organisations can conduct business to get documents signed electronically anywhere in the world!
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A focused approach to deliver industry-leading storage solutions.

Our data-driven world is a sustainable source of growth for enterprise flash market with industry-leading offerings. With their new strategic agreement that establishes a framework for combining the innovation and expertise of both companies, Micron and Seagate are aware of this reality. The goal is to deliver new and innovative flash-based storage solutions, and push into the enterprise market segment.

A new connector for Oracle WebCenter Content.

It is always encouraging in our cloud-driven age, to see that, you can streamline your cloud adoption and easily integrate content from your existing storage platforms.
The new SkySync connector, along with the existing SkySync Oracle Documents Cloud connector, aims to enable organizations to firmly integrate any existing on-premises or cloud content storage systems with Oracle WebCenter Content or Oracle Documents Cloud Service quickly. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Oracle WebCenter Content is Oracle’s on-premises ECM solution for central management of all unstructured content allowing content integration into business applications and business processes.
Oracle Documents Cloud is a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solution built for the enterprise with application integration, and support for on-premises enterprise content management integration. 
When it comes to SkySync, it is a simple tool that enables businesses to sync, migrate or copy entire…

South African Social Media Landscape.

The social media wave hits each country with a set of light differences related to phone operating system point of view.
Overall, visual content drives social media, and in South Africa , according to the recent findings of the SA Social Media Landscape 2015 report, Facebook remains the most popular social network in South Africa, followed by YouTube and Twitter, excluding instant messaging services. 
‘’The Facebook user base is beginning to resemble the South Africa urban population: The highest growth in the user base is seen in three key economic hubs, namely Johannesburg (55%), Pretoria (49%) and Cape Town (44%). Interestingly, Nelspruit continues to show high growth, at 40%’’, said Mike Wronski, managing director of analytics company Fuseware.
When it comes to a phone operating system point of view, Android is growing from 1, 26 million in 2013 to 3,2 million in 2014. BlackBerry has fallen from the top position to second, from 2,6-million to 2,4-million. Windows Phone is rising from…