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Lula: a device that enables to sell prepaid mobile services in South Africa

Because of the risk of fraud and theft, isolation of some regions , it is difficult to distribute products like vouchers or prepaid services. Nomanini, a startup based in South Africa, built a device that enables local entrepreneurs to sell prepaid mobile services in their communities. The Lula (which means “anytime” in colloquial Zulu), is a portable voucher sales terminal that is used

Two new features for mod_pagespeed 1.2: Opportunity to improve the caching experience for users

launched in November 2010, mod_pagespeed aims to help websites better exploit browser caching by signing URLs with the resource content hash. The goal here is to improve the user experience coming back to the same site, and navigating within a site.
Since December 19, 2012, we have the opportunity to experience the mod_pagespeed 1.2 which includes two new

12 Best Firefox Add-ons in 2012: Functionalities Realties and Stakes

The Year 2012 reaches to the end. Therefore it is the time for everyone to make a bilan. In this movement, Firefox presents us its 12 Best Add-ons during 2012. These 12 best Firefox Add-ons include:: Collusion allows you to see which sites are using third-party cookies to track your movements across the Web. It shows,

Solutions de contrôle et de protection de données Professionnelles: Acteurs et Enjeux dès 2013

Le phénomène du ransonware avec sa redoutable efficacité est plus que jamais d’actualité : les grandes organisations, les hôpitaux et les Etats sont de plus en plus ciblés et victimes. On apprend progressivement et l’on constate l’insolence manifeste avec laquelle les hackers professionnels contournent les pare-feux et

Google Flights new functionalities: Stakes and Opportunities for the Users

Following the set up of some changes to the user interface of Flight Search, and added features that offer more information about amenities and fees, henceforth since December 19, 2012 you can more or less quickly compare multiple destinations and multiple days simultaneously, using live prices, via experimental feature called ‘’Flight Explorer’’. 

Nouveau Type de Publicité sur Google Mail : Défis, Enjeux et Opportunités

Les publicités ou les annonces visibles dans la boite de réception Gmail sont des éléments personnalisés s’appuyant sur votre profil Google, et le contenu de vos messages envoyés ou reçus. Google précise dans ce cas que les messages ne sont pas lus par Google, l’algorithme personnalise les publicités en tenant compte des ‘’header’’ entêtes des messages.

Create positive marketing results without violating Facebook’s terms of use in 2013

Via this guestpost ,Augusta Nissly ,helps you to view the Facebook terms of service, as an opportunity to push your marketing tactics to the high level.

Augusta Nissly ,is a Customer Success Rep at AboutUs . She crafts  social media plans for her clients, designs sleek web sites and writes custom blog content.