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Monitoring and visibility in containerized environments: here is what you need.

Distributed systems and apps are henceforth at the core of stakes in our digital age. Their efficiencies and opportunities are endless and critical.
Therefore, when it comes to monitoring and visibility in containerized environments, recommends:

Monitoring solutions closely aligned with the way enterprises are using and deploying microservice-based architectures,
monitoring and management tools that can see into and understand containers as well as the rest of the environment,
Container-native monitoring solutions that enable companies to deploy them into production with confidence,
Technology designed specifically to respect the unique characteristics of containers.
Deep visibility into all aspects of microservice environments, including applications, infrastructure, network, and systems is a game-changer like the real-time ability to reach the full potential of running technologies like Docker, CoreOS, Mesos, and Kubernetes in production.

OpenStack Liberty

OpenStack is becoming the de facto standard for cloud computing in our digital age where microservices and containers help streamline each critical experience. 
In this landscape, OpenStack Liberty, based on the reality that OpenStack has reached the point where most of its necessary features are already in place, brings inter alia: 
focus on containers, new developments in terms of hybrid cloud and security, and improvements to upgradability, performance, and stability, in addition to new features.

Help organizations implement Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps.

To deal with the increasing challenging requirements of our digital-driven age, IT managers and professionals need henceforth the most out of Continuous Delivery (CD) and the ability to deliver better software faster, at any stage of the implementation process. 
Jenkins as one of the most widely-used platform for CD and a critical foundation for enterprise DevOps transformations is now at the core stakes.
Players like CloudBees leverages this curve providing solutions based on open source Jenkins.

Automating software delivery pipelines.

When it comes to DevOps environment, encourages IT managers and professionals to focus on CD and continuous integration (CI) as the best practices for enterprise software delivery.
Experienced DevOps practitioners who make the transformation to continuous delivery practices are henceforth at the heart of the momentum; so hails CloudBees in its dynamic when it comes to helping organizations implement CD and DevOps.

New security updates for OS X El Capitan, Safari, and iOS to address multiple vulnerabilities.

Image recalls that, Apple has released security updates for OS X El Capitan, Safari, and iOS to address multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to run arbitrary code. Available updates include: OS X El Capitan 10.11 for Mac OS X v10.6.8 and laterSafari 9 for OS X Mavericks v10.9.5, OS X Yosemite v10.10.5, and OS X El Capitan v10.11iOS 9.0.2 for iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and laterSo, encourages users and administrators to review Apple security updates for OS X El Capitan, Safari, and iOS and apply the necessary updates.