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IT skills shortage in Asia Pacific: Cisco will invest in the development of 400,000 networking professionals over five years.

The announcement captured by Connectikpeople was made at the launch of the Internet of Everything webinar series designed to inspire the next generation of IT talent to pursue careers in the industry. Cisco leverages on the IDC study ‘’The Evolution of the Networking Skills Gap in Asia/Pacific’’, to make its commitment. According to this study, commissioned by Cisco, by 2016, there will be a skills gap of over 400,000 networking professionals across the region, and without investment in skills, technology progress will not translate into productivity growth, and Asia Pacific will not be able to compete in an

Amazon has introduced a new tagging feature for Elastic MapReduce: stakes and opportunities.

If unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that Amazon Elastic MapReducehelps you process vast amounts of data using Hadoop, an open source parallel processing framework. New enhancements captured by Connectikpeople include a new tagging feature for Elastic MapReduce. This

Data Center Convergence: Dell New Active System Manager 7.5 can deliver increased value.

In this ecosystem, Connectikpeople continues to observe that, IT organizations accommodate a mix of technologies from different vendors. More often this approach leads to complexity in terms of maintenance, and deployment. But its advantages remain essential. This week, Connectikpeople has captured important new enhancements on the Dell Active System Manager, its unified management platform. The new enhancements bring a differentiated approach to convergence and can offer users a choice for physical or virtual, and can also provide options for managing

Premier réseau VoLTE (Voice over LTE) à Hong-Kong : les solutions 4G de ZTE Corporation s’imposent ; voici pourquoi.

Cette expérience qui nous vient de Hong-Kong n’est pas du tout surprenante lorsqu’on connait la volonté intrinsèque des différents acteurs à pousser des limites du possible et à innover là où on s’attend le moins. Dès 2010, on pouvait constater que, CSL est devenu le premier opérateur au monde à lancer la 4G LTE bi-bande avec le réseau mobile haut débit DC-HSPA+. Pour ceux qui découvrent la 4G LTE, nous allons faire simple pour rappeler que la 4G LTE apporte à la 3G l’efficacité spectrale et l’augmentation de la capacité de réseau. C'est-à-dire par exemple des appels vidéo de meilleure qualité ; d’appels vocaux plus

Collaboration Services and Customer Care Platform: here is why Gentera has Chosen Cisco® Enterprise Networks and Collaboration Solutions.

Gentera, a Mexican microfinance group, with about 2.8 million clients and more than 18,000 employees in Latin America, gains progressively in high volume; in terms of data, network and clients. The challenge now is to face actual and new business challenges. Henceforth with Cisco® Enterprise Networks and Collaboration Solutions, the company can support new trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and other business operations processes, like the collaboration infrastructure for their new corporate building and the new Customer Service Contact Center infrastructure. Connectikpeoole can also observe that, their new network and solutions will help them to collaborate internally and assist their customers from anyplace and using any device. The Cisco solutions implemented in Gentera and captured by Connectikpeople are: Cisco Collaboration Solutions: (Voice, Data and Video over IP): This Collaboration platform aims to transform critical business processes within the bank, converging diffe…

New cloud storage software: IBM inventors pave their way.

This time around, the Cloud Computing ecosystem generates lots of initiatives in terms of research; applications; adoptions and technologies. But it also remains the following concerns: security, reliability and service continuity. At IBM for instance, the stake is to develop a new cloud storage software that can provide a simple interface for users to dynamically migrate data across multiple clouds, while keeping it confidential and secure. Therefore Connectikpeople can observe that, IBM’s patent-pending invention aims to overcome concerns about data resiliency, security and service continuity via an innovative technique which can stores and moves data across multiple clouds. According to IBM, the method employs a “cloud-of-clouds” approach that invokes the resilience of separate clouds to offer stronger protection against service outages and

AWS OpsWorks henceforth supports resource-level permissions.

Amazon Web Service continues to improve the experience of its service. Henceforth those who use this service, they gain in flexibility. If unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, AWS OpsWorks is an application management service that lets you provision resources, deploy and update software, automate common operational tasks, and monitor the state of your

Robotique nouvelle génération : ce que vaut Google.

Parler de robotique nouvelle génération, nous amène à développer l’idée selon laquelle, les robots doivent être de plus intelligents pour transformer le transport, la logistique et la production industrielle pour ne que citer ces exemples là. Vous savez qu’on peut rendre par exemple l’industrie de l'assemblage de composants électroniques très performante si on y intégrait des robots plus intelligents. Simplifier et maximiser l’efficacité de la logistique en milieu urbain avec des drones. Rendre les transports plus surs avec des voitures sans pilotes. Développer l’exploitation rentable de l’hélium 3 sur la lune pour des besoins énergétiques. Brefs le

Lighting the Way to Computing: Optical communications could be a boon for data centers.

It is always very exciting to see how an innovation can transform our life; with this MIT Technology Review,we can discover how optical communications could be a boon for data centers, reducing electricity use and heat buildup by replacing electronic signals with light signals. But according to the same review, the technology has been cost-effective only over distances of a kilometer or more, and using it in data centers would mean sending

Data Transformation Platform: here is the value of Trifacta.

An amazing volume of data are generated everyday by the social platforms, and others websites; but the main challenge remains our ability to transform this opportunity by