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Secure collaboration and content management in the cloud with Box and IBM.

In our digital driven-age, the real-time ability to access and collaborate on content from any system is a game-changer when it comes to enhance productivity, innovate and compete. IBM and Box are working together with the goal to help businesses transform the way they work. salutes this momentum that can help enable advanced collaboration, data classification, enterprise search and enhanced analytics across content and digital business processes. 
Four new solutions are designed to help address the required needs IBM Content Navigatorwith Box can allow companies to search for content across both on-premise and Box environments, with a single integrated view. IBM StoredIQ with Box can help companies make more informed business and legal decisions by providing them with an in-depth assessment of unstructured data across Box and on-premise environments, including where it reside. IBM Case Manager with Box seamlessly shares content on the Box …

Box EKM with Amazon Web Services KMS for more choice and control for your content across platforms.

Cloud technologies and enterprise content management and collaboration platform enrich henceforth productivity within businesses and organizations of all sizes.
At Box, they are aware of this reality at the core of stakes. Therefore, observes that, earlier this year, Box introduced Enterprise Key Management (EKM), which can enable you to manage your own encryption keys for Box content, leveraging Amazon Web Services Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). 
Henceforth, Box EKM will also support the new Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (KMS), which can make it easy for Box users to manage their own encryption keys in the cloud.

Here is also how Enterprise mobility solutions can help executives and organizations.

Beyond the end-to-end requirements of productivity, recalls that, Enterprise mobility solutions can now streamline each critical internal process. 
It is also obvious that, these solutions help executives connect with their offices and keep track of the work on a real-time basis, thereby saving the time and cost spent in traveling.

Enterprise mobility solutions help organizations enhance their real-time decision-making capabilities by providing benefits such as accessibility to real-time information when needed.
Internal marketing henceforth leverages these solutions for instant communication services between departments.

Drive API quality and Collaboration and Coordination across API Lifecycle.

APIs are henceforth at the hearth of critical stakes in our connected world where data is the most powerful asset. Developers, integrators, architects, designers, and everyone who is interacting with your API is now aware of this momentum. 
Platforms that allow teams to collaborate on and coordinate across the entire workflow of an API’s lifecycle are recommended by
Software development teams reject now jumping between disparate tools; they need streamlined experiences and open, flexible and scalable platforms that can easily integrate with other API lifecycle tools.
For informational purpose only, recalls that, SmartBear Softwarehas released SwaggerHub, a ‘free’ platform that allows teams to collaborate on and coordinate across the entire workflow of an API’s lifecycle.