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Interactive cloud security camera mapping in our mobile-driven world.

More and more, we are impressed and ensured by the real-time capabilities of the smart Video Management System (VMS), when it comes to improve our security anywhere and anytime. Challenges to overcome remain exciting and vicious; but we can henceforth leverage the emerging technologies such as the cloud and positioning to view or record video directly from a map or physical layout. This means that, when it comes to Interactive cloud security camera mapping in our mobile-driven world, Robust geographic maps which allow users to create and insert custom floor plans; Drag and drop cameras on the map to specify camera location and orientation; Flexibility to zoom in or out, and navigate to different locations; Precise GPS location and more are welcome.

information-theoretic security in our ever challenging cyberlandscape.

As you can imagine, security in a digital world, is one of the major priorities, susceptible to grab all our attention in real-time. The stakes are strategic and huge. 
We come from modern cryptographic schemes that rely on computational complexity for their security.  Henceforth, we can talk about another notion of security: information-theoretic security; meaning that, even with limitless computational power, attackers could extract no useful information from an encrypted message. 
Thanks to researchers at MIT and Maynooth University in Ireland who have showed how to calculate the minimum-security guarantees for any given encryption scheme, which could enable information managers to make more informed decisions about how to protect data.
By investigating these limits and characterizing them, you can gain quite a bit of insight about the performance of these schemes and how you can leverage tools from other fields, like coding theory and so forth, for designing and understanding securit…

Voice recognition in our mobile-driven world.

Henceforth our hands are encumbered by set of mobile and wearable endpoints and technologies to enhance our productivity, security and living conditions. In this context, it is exciting to see that, Voice recognition technologies and endpoints can enhance our performance with unmatched hands-free convenience services.
Voice recognition technologies are designed to around your voice; hear you from any direction; enhance noise cancellation. Its brain is in the cloud, leverage Deep Learning technologies to continually learn and add more functionality over time and can adapt to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.
Voice recognition technologies can deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response; can produce 360° omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound and can easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more. Amazon Echo paves its way in this emerging industry.