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Create Apps that Tap into Vast Amounts of Unstructured Data

Growing volumes of Unstructured data from social media, messaging apps and others platforms or sources are now at the heart numerous excitements and innovations, initiatives and R&D. So that, IBM is deeply committed to help solve the challenge of how to capture, store and gain intelligence from rapidly increasing amounts of unstructured data. With IBM Object Storage, an IBM Cloud service, developers can interactively compose and connect object storage into their apps. 
Connectikpeople observes that this service can provide app creators with a fully scalable, API-accessible platform to store and retrieve unstructured data, as well as build apps around this content. 
Available in beta on Bluemix, through tapping the OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) API for API-based data access and OpenStack Identity (Keystone) for authentication, IBM Object Storage offers developers: The ability to compose and bind apps to object files – both inside and outside of BluemixIdentity management and …

In-depth insights into what audiences are sharing and interacting around on Facebook

In our connected world where social media and messaging apps drive lot of excitements and new behaviors, the real-time ability of brands and agencies to answer critical business questions through the insights derived from social data is a game changer. With social media and messaging apps, henceforth, brands have access to real-time, actionable information about the engagements and reactions of their customers, prospects and target audiences about their products, services and brand promise.
In fact, content data about activities, events, brand names and more shared on Facebook for example can help drive decision-making across the enterprise. You can leverage Facebook’s full volume of engagements, such as comments, likes and shares; demographics, and topic analysis to develop meaningful conclusions about target audiences. 
Using social insights gathered from deep, real-time data, you can add new dimensions to your marketing campaigns, improving product development and expanding brand awar…