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Waze announced two new features Scheduled Restrictions and Conversations.

Following its buyback by Google, this Israeli startup continues to improve dynamically its services. This midday, Connectikpeople has captured two main features: Scheduled Restrictions and Conversations.
Regarding Scheduled restrictions, it lets you define segments which are only available to some types of vehicles for some of the time. This aims to be useful for

Voici pourquoi Nokia avec ses smartphones Lumia réussi où Blackberry échoue.

Ni Nokia, ni Blackberry respectivement n’ont su prendre le virage quant-il le fallait dans l’univers des smartphones. Tous deux ont hésité alors qu’ils étaient en avance technologiquement. Mais progressivement Nokia comble son retard au point de susciter les convoitises et regrets. Convoitises par ce que Microsoft en rachetant la division mobile de Nokia semble avoir réussit son coup et regrets par ce que les anciens dirigeants de Nokia parlent d’une grande bévue. L’avenir nous fixera

Live : Blackberry abandonne son plan de secours de 4.5 milliards dollars et limoge le CEO Thorsten Heins : ce qu’on peut comprendre.

Il y’a de cela trois jours, l’actionnaire principale de Blackberry le canadien Fairfax montrait déjà de manière définitive, des signes de scepticisme qu’en au probable rachat de Blackberry. Ceci faisait suite aux différentes concertations menées entre Blackberry et les potentiels repreneurs notamment, Google, Huawei, Facebook pour ne que citer ceux là.
Depuis cet après midi, s’est officiel, Blackberry abandonne son plan de secours de 4.5

Henceforth Oracle FLEXCUBE Introduced New Features to Help Banks Enhance Mobile and Payment Capabilities.

With this new release (Oracle FLEXCUBE), Oracle Financial Services Software Limitedaims to help financial institutions to support regulatory compliance, offer richer and more personalized customer experiences, improve performance and streamline their IT environments. According to Oracle, today’s financial services landscape calls for seamless, rich and individualized online and mobile experiences for consumers, new ways to meet increasing regulatory pressures and the ability to continually drive improved

Here is how ZTE brings 4G Network in Belgium.

With the increasing demand of data, video and the streaming contents, the passage toward the 4G network becomes essential. Based on this reality, ZTE Corporation and BASE Company, the Belgian subsidiary of Dutch mobile operator KPN, have launched

For our ton of subscribers in Europe, please look this ZTE Grand S Flex, it can help you.

With the goal to combine stylish design and modern technology, ZTE Grand S Flex, latest mobile phone from ZTE landed in Europe. Connectikpeople had observed that, the handset supports standard LTE, which optimises multimedia experiences for high speed mobile internet, online gaming and video streaming. It brings Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, the 2300 mAh battery life, offers an internal storage capacity

NEC announced a new cloud collaboration service to be delivered through NEC’s Private Application Cloud portfolio.

Pending to accommodate, enhancements to the Private Application Cloud portfolio, including integration with Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering as well as contact center support, Connectikpeople can observe that, NEC continues to enhance its cloud solutions portfolio, which henceforth includes:

Dear professionals around the world here is your startup calendar for November 2013.

Investors, entrepreneurs, founders, startup makers; this calendar is yours and is intended to accompany you in your profession.

November 18, 2013, New York, NY, Startup Demo Night Series 18, hosted by NYEBN, focuses on mobile startups. Connectikpeople observe that, eight startups will present to a panel of investors for feedback and answer audience Q&A. The event will represent NY's startup ecosystem, with a variety of investors,

According to ABI Research, Wi-Fi to Play Dominant Role in the $25 Billion Smart Appliance Market: here is how!

In this report captured by Connectikpeople, we can observe that, Wi-Fi is preferred by appliance manufacturers for wireless connectivity which will see over 21 million Wi-Fi enabled

Study: here is how marketing and technology teams are working together!

This study release by Oracle, in partnership with Leader Networks and Social Media Today, aims to reveal opportunities and obstacles for senior marketing and technology leaders to more effectively collaborate and to deliver real-world business value. This means the results of the survey highlight how marketing and technology teams are working together, when they are working in silos,