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Mobile wallets and digital payment solutions by financial institutions worldwide: MasterCard paves its way.

With the growing demand for mobile contents, applications and technologies; developers and editors need to focus deeply on the security and flexibility aspects of their products or solutions. Mobile commerce for instance requires the high level of security combined with the cool-user experience and a

Marché de la gouvernance des échanges de données : ce que vaut Axway.

Très sensible de part sa nature et son contenu, le marché des échanges de données, prend une accélération favorisée par l’architecture Cloud Computing et l’Internet des Objets. Le grâle dans ce marché est d’obtenir en temps réel des informations sur les données.

 Pour une entreprise ou organisation, cela peut conduire aux nouvelles sources de revenus, la réduction des coûts d’opérations, l’amélioration des services et des offres de plus en plus personnalisées et efficaces. 
Comme unique référence mondiale, lorsqu’il s’agit d’accompagner les entreprises de toutes dimensions vers la modernité et la performance à l’ère du tout digital, félicite la société Gassco, d’avoir basculé vers la performance. 
Son soucis jusqu’ici était d’avoir une plate-forme d’intégration B2B fiable et sécurisée afin d’améliorer sa communication entre ses différents sites.

Avec l’intégration d’Axway B2Bi, une composante d'Axway 5 Suite, c’est une nouvelle aventure qui commence pour cette entre…

Funding: Clio, RelateIQ, and Hortonworks, can now scale engineering efforts and global operations.

As, a unique objective reference for organizations and professionals, when it comes to Tools, Supports and Solutions for drawing value-added in their activities,, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their

An integrated experience for collection and analysis of social data of survey respondents: Pick1 and SurveyMonkey, pave their way.

When it comes to survey and social analytics tool, it is essential to combine social data with survey responses, with the goal to deliver great insights, accurate information and to drive clear decision-making. As, a unique objective reference for modern organizations and professionals, when it comes to Tools, Supports and Solutions for drawing value in their daily activities, congrats the new partnership between Pick1 and SurveyMonkey, with the goal to provide an integrated experience for collection and analysis of social data of survey respondents. As you can imagine, we talk about the ability to append social data to survey responses. In this approach, brands, organizations, enterprises can better understand who is behind survey responses, make offers, remarket and retarget in real time. Thanks to Active Digital who allows us to plunge within this dynamism. observes that, via this integration, SurveyMonkey users can access their surveys via the…

Daily Backup of Data within the real value of Spanning Cloud Apps.

Image recommends organizations to focus on the protection of their data and their ability to quickly recover data when necessary, when it comes to migrate business data and processes to a cloud application. As, a unique objective reference for modern organizations and professionals, when it comes to Tools, Supports and Solutions for drawing value in their daily activities, encourages Spanning Cloud Apps, Inc., in its commitments to provide backup and recovery for cloud applications. Henceforth the general availability of Spanning Backup for Salesforce in the Salesforce AppExchange means that, you can monitor backups and recover lost data. This cloud-to-cloud approach for automated backup and recovery brings key features like: Automated, secure daily backups;Detailed reporting of backup results; Monitor and control API usage; Point-in-time data recovery; and Chatter feeds for backup status and activity monitoring. recalls that, Spanning B…

Guerre Electronique, Protection des personnes et des données : les salons DIMDEX à Doha Qatar et ISNR Abu Dhabi s’expriment.

Notre intérêt pour la chose sécuritaire est incomparable, surtout que de millions d’entreprises, d’organisations, institutions et secteurs publics nous font confiance. Evidemment avec la tendance Tout-Digital, les exigences et les enjeux de la sécurité sont de plus en complexes et de haute facture. Une raison de plus pour démontrer notre capacité à accompagner les entreprises et organisations de toutes dimensions dans leur processus bout-en-bout de transformation digitale.
Deux salons majeurs sur la sécurité respectivement DIMDEX du 25 au 27 mars 2014 à Doha au Qatar et ISNR à Abu Dhabi du 1er au 3 avril 2014, ont attiré naturellement

Immersive virtual reality technology: stakes and opportunities and the real value of Facebook via Oculus VR, Inc.

Progressively Facebook deploys its global vision, when it comes to numeric, social media, communications, media and entertainment, and education. Recently Facebook has ransomed WatsApp with the goal to position itself as a key player in the messaging app industry. 

Today, observes that, Facebook is ranging from social platform, to change the way people work, play and communicate.
In fact, Facebook is acquiring OculusFounded in 2012. recalls that, the company’s first product, the Oculus Rift, is a virtual reality headset that provides an immersive, stereoscopic 3D view with an ultra-wide field of view and low latency head tracking that lets you look around naturally in 360 degrees. is very seduced by the broad opportunities of