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Nanocellulose will greatly impact environmentally friendly and biodegradable solutions

For many analysts, Nanocellulose will greatly impact environmentally friendly and biodegradable solutions in market such as packaging, paper & board, composites, coatings & films, medical & healthcare, textiles, oil & gas, filtration, rheology modifiers, aerogels, 3D printing and printed & flexible electronics.

The most exciting regarding Data Center Services Pricing Trends

For those who are unfamiliar, Data center service suppliers provide power-based, pay-per-use, tiered, and fixed fee pricing models to the buyers. The pay-per-use is the most widely adopted model, whereas the power-based model displays the maximum market potential. The power-based pricing model is most suited for small organizations with low demand since the charges are based solely on consumption.

Powerful trends at the core of the data center services market

The data center services market is on an exciting curve of growth due to the increased demand for cloud computing, mobile services, and social media analytics globally, especially in Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe. One can also recall that, buyers need to invite multiple bids and compare the capabilities of service providers to cater to their specific requirements before engaging with any supplier. Suppliers need to adopt stringent security measures to ensure the safety of data from both external and internal threats.

Blockchain-based student education records platform

At the core of stakes, we have the ability forschool administrators to consolidate and manage students' educational data from several schools, as well as record and refer their learning history and digital academic transcripts with more certainty. Sony Global Education has worked together with IBM to build a new system which can help effect real change in the education sector. For those who are unfamiliar, Blockchain technology has the potential to impact systems in a wide variety of industries, and the educational sphere is no exception when educational data is securely stored on the blockchain and shared among permissioned users. One can observe that, the platform is built on IBM Blockchain, which is delivered via the IBM Cloud and powered by Hyperledger Fabric 1.0, a blockchain framework and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Here is how we can understand the growth of the signature verification market

For those who are unfamiliar, one of the major reasons for the signature verification market growth is the increasing level of security breaches and transaction fraud, which leads to a need for highly secure identification and personal verification technologies. Security breaches and data theft are increasing, especially in the BFSI and government sectors, resulting in the need for highly secure identification and personal verification systems. Higher dependence on digital technologies, web applications, and the Internet results in higher vulnerability to security attacks.

Lead nurturing, a standard practice facilitated by marketing automation

A new survey by Econsultancy that surveyed more than 350 B2B marketing professionals in North America and Europe reveals that, Lead nurturing, a standard practice facilitated by marketing automation, is an area showing a noticeable gap in sophistication between Leaders and their peers. One can observe that, there is a 23-percentage-point divide in the level of usage of marketing automation for lead nurturing. Similarly, significantly fewer non-Leaders are using their systems’ lead scoring capabilities (37 percent, versus 48 percent for Leaders). It was seen that both these areas are very much on the radar, with 50 percent and 47 percent of companies, respectively, planning to use these tactics.

Marketing Automaton appears to be a competitive advantage for most businesses

For many analysts, Companies need to ensure that they have as much clarity as possible around their sales and marketing goals, and have the processes in place; along with the technology to help them achieve their revenue targets. In effect, Marketing Automaton appears to be a competitive advantage for most businesses, so it is important for those companies who have not yet invested to rethink their current growth strategy.

Marketing automation in our ever-connected data-driven world

When it comes to Marketing automation, many analysts agree that, marketers are just only scratching the surface when it comes to using marketing automation. Act-On commissioned the study, which reveals that, there are only three areas where more than half of those surveyed are using marketing automation: email, web forms, and landing pages. These are the more basic functions within marketing automation, which can point to a potential misalignment between system, strategy, and skill-set. The survey also reveals that, marketing automation is a prevalent technology in North America. Marketing automation plays important role in helping marketers to deliver against commercial objectives.

The most important regarding Digital programmatic advertising solution in our ever-connected data-driven world

The most important regarding Digital programmatic advertising solution in our ever-connected data-driven world is to focus on: The right ads, to the right audience, in the right location; vast network of partners; the granularity and accuracy of geographic targeting data. The technology must work across all formats and devices, incorporating video, native advertising, rich media, and display ads. The ability to identify the consumer’s location to serve accurately targeted and correctly optimised ads is a game changer like providing accurate insights into high-value ad inventory and audiences. The quality of service provided depends on a reliable, transparent, and trusted source of data. The solution must taps into traditional infrastructure analysis with insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the internet. The result is the most granular and accurate hyperlocal geotargeting solution that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards o…

Here is how vendors can get long-term success in the backup and recovery market

For many analysts, for vendors to have long-term success, they must plan to address the legacy requirements of traditional backup and recovery, while looking to expand their integration with and exploitation of emerging applications, hypervisors, snapshot and replication technologies, and public cloud capabilities.

Cognitive intelligence solution to digitise global trade

At the core of stakes, we have a cognitive intelligence solution combining optical character recognition with advanced robotics to make global trade safer and more efficient for thousands of businesses. In effect, working with IBM, HSBC has developed a new technology to help automate and simplify the processing of millions of documents used daily in international commerce. One can observe that, the new solution uses IBM’s advanced analytics technology, including intelligent segmentation and text analytics, to identify, digitise and extract key data within these documents before feeding it into the bank’s transaction processing systems; boosting accuracy whilst freeing up staff for more value-adding activities.

Current trends fueling the Global Printed Sensors Market

Overall, the trends are on an exciting curve with Research and Markets revealing that, the Global Printed Sensors Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 7.3% over the next decade to reach approximately $13.56 billion by 2025. Among, the most exciting trends fueling the Global Printed Sensors Market, we have Increasing opportunities for touch-enabled electronic devices; Increasing demand for printed sensors in wearable medical devices; Achieving level of performance in real time applications, and More growth rate in IoT.