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We Increase sensitization and awareness around malicious Code

Cyberattacks are henceforth a geostrategic arm for a growing number of nations, States and government agencies. Thus, beyond sophisticated and targeted attacks from organized hackers, malicious Code invades progressively our digital lives.
Therefore has captured for you two important documents susceptible to help when it comes to Characterizing and Prioritizing Malicious Code, (PDF) and Behavioraland Structural Properties of Malicious Code.(PDF)
Julia Allen, principal researcher at CERT working on operational resilience, and Jose Morales, senior member of the technical staff at CERT, working in malicious software research with the Forensics, Operations, and Investigations group, focus on Characterizing and Prioritizing Malicious Code.
At Secure Systems Lab Technical University Vienna, they introduce techniques to characterize behavioral and structural properties of binary code can note these techniques can be used to generate more abstract, semantic…

Predictive Analytics across the Organization

It is encouraging to see that, Analytic technologies are more and more democratized. This holistic approach is always recommended by; because it brings inter alia: predictive analytics to the entire organization’s business users, business analysts and data scientists through simplicity, ease of use and productivity.
Predictive Analytics across the Organization should inter alia help empower a broad spectrum of users to spot opportunities and actionable insights in real time, make fast and accurate predictions and act with confidence at the point of decision.

Close the gap between the skills you have and the skills you need in our digital-age.

In our highly competitive digital-age, the real-time ability to assess your skills anywhere and anytime is critical. 
So salutes the new initiative of Smarterer, that allow now companies and developers to use freely the Smarterer API to embed tests into their websites, pull score data, and more. 

According to Smarterer CEO, Dave Balter, said, “The goal of making Smarterer’s API free is to make it ridiculously easy for developers, eLearning providers, and applicant tracking systems to embed crowdsourced skills assessments into their products and websites, empowering companies and potential employees alike to take the guesswork out of the training and hiring.” 

For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Smarterer’s dynamic assessment engine can quantify anyone’s skill in as few as 10 questions and 120 seconds.

Next-generation systems of data encryption that leverage advanced cryptography technologies.

Beyond a set of weaknesses progressively found within systems of data encryption, and critical vulnerabilities present in current encryption services, recalls that Encryption is the necessity. 
Most systems gain in maturity like the new invention from inventors Richard Hughes, Jane Nordholt, and Glen Peterson, the scientists who developed the technology while working at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. Whitewood has obtained an exclusive license to the technology from LANL. 
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 8,929,554, with claims covering methods and systems for secure multi-party communication that are compatible with various key distribution protocols, including quantum key distribution (QKD). 
This new technology, enterprises can advance to quantum key management, or QKM, for networks, supporting a broad range of security functions, encryption, authentication and signatures. 
For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople…

Accelerate the data-centric enterprise.

Those who use in real-time always have a competitive advantage, when it comes to market, productivity and flexibility, the end-to-end performance, enhanced security and privacy, to name a few.
At, we are proud to note that, distributed computing henceforth optimize, scale data architectures, making them more agile and flexible, scalable and data centric.
Automated processes that shorten data-to-action cycles are now critical; as powerful modernized database that enables real-time, bi-directional updates across data centers at scale. 
Our data-age world continues and will continue to push the boundaries of real-time analytics in Hadoop.
Therefore, always recommends the access to big and fast data by inter alia: enabling multiple, active replica clusters across the world with real-time, asynchronous replication. Real-time disaster recovery to reduce the risk of data loss is one of the top priorities.
In fact, conside…