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Create a smart, voice-enabled, conversational interface

Voice search and voice control to apps and devices and natural conversational user experience capabilities are progressively indispensable in our connected world where the user-experience and the streamlined access to data are a game changer. With Houndify™, for example, developers can revolutionize their products and services by easily adding voice search and voice control to their apps and devices while delivering a natural conversational user experience.

End-to-end deep learning solutions for both the cloud and in-vehicle applications

The in-vehicle is henceforth at the core of numerous stakes and innovations that transform in real-time our existing and future experiences around or inside the cars. 
NVIDIA for example provides end-to-end deep learning solutions for both the cloud and in-vehicle applications. Its architecture enables deep neural networks to be trained in the datacenter, and then deployed in the car for various applications from autonomous driving to natural language processing. 
The DRIVE CX platform enables advanced navigation and infotainment, high-resolution digital instrument clusters, natural speech processing, and image processing for driver assistance.

The enterprise Augmented Reality ecosystem

From, User of Enterprise Augmented Reality and Providers of AR-enabling technologies and services to Non-commercial entities, we arestill at the early stage when it comes to enterprise Augmented Reality.
Several enterprises are developing innovative ways to visualize and interact with the vast array of data available to user and innovative member-based organizations emerge from the ground up focusing inter alia on:
Accelerating adoption of enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) through development and expansion of a vibrant technology ecosystem,
Collaborative actions to help organizations achieve greater operational efficiencies through smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems,
Best practices based on shared knowledge, experience in live deployments, common business values, and addressing known and emerging challenges,
Access to high-quality, vendor-neutral content,
participation in exclusive programs such as early access to beta software and har…