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Open Source Cloud Benefits with HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services.

Hype and marketing surrounding OpenStack, a growing cloud-computing open-source project, is exciting. But the most exciting with this technology is its flexibility, productivity, simplicity,  interoperability and its enterprise-grade functionality. 
It is clear that, OpenStack technology is gaining traction in the enterprise seeking for streamline their IT operations and, soon #Retinknow salutes HP, as one of the leading code contributor to OpenStack., soon #Retinknow salutes also its expertise in design, storage, network, security, database, and scalability, when it comes to OpenStack-based services. Henceforth with HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services, HP aims to help organizations to be confident in their OpenStack deployments.

A Move Beyond traditional customer relationship management (CRM); according to SAP.

In our mobile-driven world, it is clear that everyone needs and wants personalized experiences across channels. B2B and B2C companies need to provide real-time, consistent, contextual and relevant experiences to their customers regardless of channel, device or their position. In this context, SAP SEpromises a fresh approach likely to transform customer engagement anytime, anywhere, from any device at any point in their journey.

This fresh approach announced relies on several cloud-based services namely: SAP® solutions for customer engagement, including the omni-channel hybris platform and the SAP Cloud for Sales, SAP Cloud for Service, SAP Cloud for Marketing and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement solutions.

La flexibilité du marché des télécommunications au Cameroun est une référence : réalités et recommandations.

Avec déjà quatre opérateurs de téléphonie mobile (Camtel (GSM), Orange (GSM, 2G, EDGE), MTN (GSM, 2G, EDGE) et Nextel (3G et dérivés), on s’attend logiquement à observer dans les prochains jours une vraie tirade au niveau des tarifs et offres de services. Mais, on n’aura aucun bouleversement dans ce sens.
La tendance offres flash (VOIX+SMS+DATA) dans le même réseau à des tarifs agressifs va s’accélérer, pour se développer vers et entre les différents réseaux. C'est-à-dire qu’on aura dans les prochains jours les packages flash intégrant (VOIX+SMS (illimités) +DATA+Internet) à moins d’un euro. 
De quoi accélérer la digitalisation multicouche au Cameroun. Mais, il est urgent pour les quatre opérateurs de téléphonie mobile, de voir au-delà des services traditionnels (VOIX+SMS), dont les revenus baissent. 
Ils doivent se concentrer dans le développement des contenus, applications et services mobile à valeur ajouté pour diversifier leurs sources de revenus et parvenir à obtenir un retour s…

Digital customer in our digital-driven world.

Our digital world fueled by the new IT Convergence with the mobility like the meet-point, is also determined by people (customers) who enjoy customized services, they consume exciting videos and GIFs and they love scoop. 
It is also exciting to observe that today’s customers expect to be able to engage, research, buy and get service anywhere and in real-time. 
They want to jump seamlessly between web, mobile, in-store or on the phone. And they demand that interactions with a brand be contextual, consistent and relevant, respecting where they are in the world and what they are trying to get done.

Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL and New MySQL Enterprise Edition Extensions: stakes and recommendations.

In our highly competitive and ever changing environment, where IT Managers need: productivity, simplicity, single integrated solution, flexibility and scalability either in cloud or on-premise, when it comes streamline in real-time their critical operations (innovation, R&D, management and monitoring), it is encouraging to observe that Oracle is extending Oracle Enterprise Manager capabilities to MySQL databases. This means inter alia that: Users or administrators henceforth can manage complex* deployments of Oracle technologies that include MySQL, either on-premises or in a cloud. New commercial extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition, including new backup, auditing, and enterprise encryption capabilities are also available.