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Mobile Augmented Reality Market for Marketing and Advertising in the US

We are still at the early stage when it comes to Mobile Augmented Reality Market for Marketing and Advertising. Then one can observe that, poor quality of apps and the lack of ability to add new content.
For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, the overall ecosystem of the mobile augmented reality market includes: augmented reality engine, augmented reality software applications, and augmented reality hardware. 
Manufacturers of mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, and tablets integrate their devices with AR solutions to enhance user experience.
According to Research andMarkets, the mobile augmented reality market for marketing and advertising in the US is expected to grow at a CAGR of 95.35% over the period 2014-2019. 
Its new report discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the augmented reality market for marketing and advertising in the US. It also outlines the challenges faced by the vendors and the market at large, as well as the key tre…

Help Industrial workers turn to mobile devices to improve productivity and collaboration

Encouraging, observing that, manufacturers increasingly turn to mobile devices, data analytics, remote monitoring and Industrial Internet of Thing to improve productivity and collaboration.
In this dynamic, it is indispensable to recall that, app interfaces need to be tailored to the specific device that is being used, especially to design, operate and maintain industrial automation systems.
To meet user preference, secure peer-to-peer communications; the convergence of operations and information technology are also critical when it comes to create opportunities in productivity and global competitiveness through greater connectivity and information sharing. encourages every type of manufacturer to drive new heights of competitive differentiation. 
For informational purpose only, recalls that Rockwell Automation Inc., who is dedicated to industrial automation and information, can make manufactures more productive.

App Performance, Customer Experience, and Business Outcomes from a Single Platform

Real-time actionable data and insights at the right time are a game changer in our data-driven age where data is the most critical asset and help companies and individuals at each level to make informed decisions. 
New Relic aims to reinvent the application performance monitoring market by embedding analytics. 

In this momentum, Companies can run queries against giant data sets to uncover new insights about their applications, their users, and their business. Organizations can gain the insight they need by integrating big data analysis directly into all of their APM products.
A set of exciting capabilities can help: ·To get a better understanding of their production software through lossless data, ·enable developers and operations teams to segment and rank backend error data, ·Better understand how web user experience varies across geography, whether by country, state, city, or zip/postal code, ·dissect software analytics data across multiple dimensions

Knowledge Management for Customer Engagement in our digital age

Exciting and encouraging; seeing that streamlined digital marking tools are progressively mature to help organizations and brands around the world meet customer demands and deliver the right answers through self-service channels. Stakes related to: tailored experience, customer support costs; seamless cross-channel customer experience; knowledge management to provide exceptional, effortless customer engagements and increase customer loyalty are a game changer. 

Because, in today’s digital economy, customers want: exciting, tailored and effortless engagements. They increasingly leverage web or mobile self-service as a first point of contact with an organization.
Therefore, brands and organizations should be able to leverage knowledge management to provide accurate, effortless customer engagements and increase customer loyalty.
The right time in the customer engagement process is critical to a successful interaction in our mobile age where deeper knowledge can be used to personalize an inte…

Smart-cities and e-governments: innovative projects and technologies to inspire cities and governments around the world.

At, we deeply encourage governments and public institutions to use innovative IT, digital and computing solutions to implement sustainable development and improve working and living conditions. 
Innovative projects , services and technologies include: Louisville Metro Data Initiatives (Kentucky, US) – With a focus on open data and data-driven performance, the Louisville Metro Government created a series of custom sites hosted on AWS. The sites are designed to provide citizens with meaningful insights into government priorities and actions, along with the opportunity to review, analyze, and comment on government actions and processes.King County (Washington, US) – This county has replaced a costly and expensive tape-powered backup and disaster recovery system with a modern, cloud-powered system that combines physical and virtual cloud-powered storage appliances with Amazon Glacier and S3, with a projected savings of $1 million …

Kubernetes: enable developers of distributed systems to achieve both reliability and agility at scale

The dynamic behind Kubernetes is exciting along an awesome community and powerful features that evolve at the holistic pace. 
For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, Kubernetes has been designed to make it easy to design, develop and deploy dependable, dynamic services that meet the demanding requirements of our cloud-driven age, where the ability to respond to changes in a predictable way, to handle upgrades elegantly and to minimize downtime for users is a game changer. 

Brendan Burns, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google, Inc., has developed a simple demo of a Container Engine cluster serving 1 million HTTP requests per second.
This element has captured our attention, due to a large number of performance tweaks and enhancements into the Kubernetes 1.1 release; the possibility to serve 1 million requests per second; and an auto-scaler , to scale in real-time your service in response to load or memory pressures.

The code for the demo is available on github, and…