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Le segment virtualisation dans le Cloud se porte t’il bien ?oui si on s’en tient aux résultats de VMware, l’un des leaders du marché.

Toujours porté par le marché américain, et Japonais l’informatique dans les nuages annonce progressivement ses couleurs en termes d’adoption et revenues générés. Pour un acteur majeur comme VMware, spécialisé dans la virtualisation, l’entreprise tire près de 47% des ses revenues aux Etats-Unis. Dans cette dynamique on peut observer que pour le troisième trimestre 2013, les ventes grimpent de 14% sur un an, pendant que les

Here is how IBM Provides Advice for Angola's Energy, Tourism and Education Sectors.

In this approach, we talk about the improvement of the economy, education, tourism and the oil and gas industries. In fact, the IBM team of experts developed a blueprint for Angola's Centro de Apoio Empresarial (CAE) to better train small and medium sized businesses to tailor their services for the oil and gas sector, giving them promising opportunities for growth. Connectikpeople has observed that, the recommendations included closer collaboration

BlackBerry Messenger is now available in Africa for both iOS and Android.

Progressively BBM gives the smile to Blackberry. Its mobile app encounters a real success in terms of downloads and affections. The mobile app has henceforth generated +10 million downloads for both

Huawei showcased key SoftCOM achievements and solutions: stakes and opportunities for carriers.

In the transport field, Huawei demonstrated its transport SDN prototype running the virtual transport service platform and showed how Network on Demand (NoD) services are provided on the prototype. Connectikpeople has observed that, the virtual transport service platform can provide users with multiple modeled virtual topologies through programmable interfaces to meet on-demand virtual network service (such as NoD service) user

IBM today announced that it has licensed a broad range of ARM® Cortex® processors from ARM Holdings.

With this announcement, IBM consolidates and enriched its portfolio in the domain of microprocessors.
Henceforth the ARM Cortex-A15, Cortex-A12, Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4 processors, the ARM Mali™-450 Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), are included in the new license

Here is how Oracle HCM Cloud Helps City of Rotterdam.

The challenge here is to help reduce costs, automate HR Processes and improve HR Activities. In this dynamic, the City of Rotterdam has selected Oracle Global Human Resources (HR) Cloud, part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, as a basis for improving its HR processes. Connectikpeople may recall that, the City of Rotterdam previously deployed Oracle Talent Management Cloud to support management development, matching and

Startups fundings : Formlabs, Funding Circle, Pinterest, Handybook, Outbrain and Bromium have raised about $366 million.

From Boston-based 3D printing startup Formlabs to New York-based content discovery platformOutbrain, these fundings will help these startups: ·Expand technical infrastructure, to develop and improve their products and services. Formlabs( founded in 2011, Boston-based 3D printing

With a Third Quarter Sales up 24*% to $17.09 Billion, what does, can do?

This is not enough, but sufficient to help this company envision in serenity its future, in terms of acquisitions, customer experience , costs and services improvements. In fact the financial results for its third quarter ended

Henceforth Cisco Delivers New Enterprise Collaboration Solutions Designed for the Modern Workspace.

The stakes and opportunities here turn around innovations, consumerization and mobility trends and advanced collaboration capabilities. In this dynamic, Cisco announced: ·Cisco Expressway®,an advanced gateway that aims to maintain security without the need for device-level registration, accounts, and passwords. This means that users, regardless of location, can gain instant access to all of their collaboration tools. ·Jabber Guest®, a solution that utilizes Expressway's security functionality to give "guest access" to anyone outside a corporate organization . This means as

Google Street View: Swaziland joins South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho as the fourth African country to be featured on Street View.

Google Street View pursues its expansion in Africa; henceforth you can explore the terrains of the Mlawula, Malolotja and Simunye Nature Reserves or take a step on to the Low Level Bridge.

Here is the essential about Microsoft First-Quarter financial results and performances for the quarter ended September 30, 2013.

Overall, this is a great quarter for Microsoft in terms of revenues and performances. Devices and services transformation is progressing and Microsoft is launching a wide range of compelling products and experiences this fall for both business and consumers. “We are making strategic investments in areas like technological innovation, supply chain management, and global cloud operations to build for the future and create long-term shareholder value.” said Amy Hood, chief