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Streamlined Digital Transformation nowadays

When it comes to streamlined digital transformation, a game-changer is your ability to first identify your key processes at the core the business. So, enabling Digital Transformation can be a challenge. Fortunately, now companies are focused on Digital Transformation, in which next-generation computing and communication technologies affect all processes, people, environments, and devices within an organization, as well as customers and business partners.
Companies should start focusing their resources first on developing next-generation applications (NGA) using DevOps. The shift to next-generation applications (NGA) drives a concomitant shift in infrastructure technology, particularly in the areas of cloud, virtual networking, automated management, collaboration, and security.

IBM semiconductor and technology research, Chip Reliability in our data-driven era

The Understanding of Chip Reliability is now at the core of stakes in our data-driven age where business opportunities related to streamlined access to data are huge and endless. 
As the chip needs to be stable at normal operating conditions, IBM semiconductor and technology researchers unveiled five papers on the technical and material advancement of its next-generation chip development, including the 7 nanometer node, at the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), April 4-6, 2017. The paper, Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown of SiN, SiBCN and SiOCN spacer dielectric, presents a comprehensive comparison of several materials that are used for the insulator in the space between the electrical contacts at the transistor level. 

IBM’s two papers, A Stochastic Model for Impact of LER on BEOL TDDB, and A New and Holistic Modelling Approach for Impact of Line-Edge Roughness on Dielectric Reliability address ways to model LER and other forms of spacing variation to correctly …

The Safe City technologies

The context related to political uncertainties across the world, extremism terror, and increasing criminality is fueling the adoption of Safe City technologies. Public opinion, political, terror and crime pressures combined with maturing safe city technologies such as Video Analytics, PSIM ,Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), PSAP, Distributed Sensors Systems, Sensor and Data Fusion Algorithms, SaaS, Social Media Emergency Response software, Geo-Design and advanced ICT technologies, are creating fresh business opportunities.

Classroom Management Solution for Teachers

At the core of stakes, we have: successful school culture, transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. We have school’s culture, student learning, and effective tool for improving classroom management.
Within this momentum, the Kickboard school culture systemmanages as a combination of technology and personalized leadership coaching that gives educators the tools and support to plan for, create and sustain a successful school culture. Kickboard’stotal solution gives educational leaders and staff access to the tools and the professional support they need to plan for a successful school culture, establish school-wide systems to capture and use real-time culture data, and improve support systems for teachers and students.

Internet shutdowns and content filtering, Internet restriction techniques, Content Blocking, collateral damage

It is now clear that, we are at a crossroads, and the actions we take today will determine whether the Internet will continue to be a driver of empowerment, or whether it will threaten personal freedoms and rights online. 
The Internet Society considers that, any deliberate attempt to interrupt Internet communications or control the flow of information over the Internet puts society at risk. For those who are unfamiliar, Internet shutdowns, including those that impact social media sites or entire networks, occur when governments intentionally disrupt the Internet or mobile apps, often used in the context of elections, demonstrations or other tense social contexts. According to, there were 56 Internet shutdowns recorded worldwide in 2016, an upward trend from previous years.
A new paper entitled“Internet Society Perspectives on Internet Content Blocking” explores the most common Internet restriction techniques and highlights the shortcomings and collateral damage from the u…

Increasing demand for streaming video technology by companies across all industries

Steadily and surely organizations ranging from individuals and small businesses, majors to major media corporations are adopting streaming video technology to improve communications with employees and customers.
They also use streaming video technology to unlock data and insights from video, get new value and more.IBM estimates cloud-based video will be a $105 billion market by 2019. IBM Cloud Video that integrates several technologies, aims to support the increasing demand for streaming video technology by companies across all industries.

The Global Mobile Antenna Market

The most exciting rely on increasing applications of antenna in smartphones and increasing demand of antenna in wireless communication devices. With the growing demand of smartphones in emerging countries, the demand for mobile antenna is on a powerful curve. For those who are unfamiliar, the antenna expressively progresses the performance of wireless systems or wireless devices. There are many of the factors who effect negatively on the market like responsive error when high data flow and deployment complexity.
However, rising health concerns with radio waves, security threats in data transmission and high cost of antenna remain and will be the key factor for growth. According to Research and Markets, APAC is anticipated to be the fastest growing region growing at a CAGR of 8.1%. The global mobile antenna market was valued to be $2327 million in 2015 and is expected to rise to $3540 million by 2023.