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Streamlining Amazon Web Service Deployment and Management for the Enterprise leads to:

In our digital-driven age, recalls that, automation is henceforth indispensable for effective cloud management. Therefore, encourages enterprises to focus inter alia on: ·suite of automation and orchestration services for their Managed Cloud for AWS solution,
Key opportunities for automation,
Custom automation solutions,
Ongoing support to optimize frameworks.
Key benefits include inter alia: Accelerated deployments of AWS environments Ability to rapidly adapt to application changes Reduced cost of IT operations Fully automated PCI compliance Customized approached based on each enterprise’s individual needs In fact, increasing efficiency through AWS automation, gives you more time to focus on your business and bottom line.

Vital Security Advisory for OpenSSL.

Image recalls that, OpenSSL has released updates to address a vulnerability that could impact proper certificate verification. A remote attacker could ‘issue’ invalid certificates that pass validation by affected versions. Updates available include: OpenSSL 1.0.2d for 1.0.2b/1.02c usersOpenSSL 1.0.1p for 1.0.1n/1.0.1o usersTherefore, encourages users and administrators to review the OpenSSL Security Advisory and apply the necessary updates.

Enterprise-class stream data platform with Apache Kafka.

Our data-driven world is deeply characterized by vast amount of dataset generated in real-time and from multiple sources.
That means that, when it comes to unlock actionable insights from this dataset, we need streamlined technologies and best practices.
The dynamic behind Confluent is interesting. Confluent uses Kafka as a hub to sync data between all types of systems.
For those unfamiliar, recalls that, Apache Kafka is a real-time, fault tolerant, scalable messaging system and is adopted for a variety of use cases involving real-time data streams.

So encourages this young company in its commitment to create an open source platform that would let them harness the kind of vast real-time streams of data.

Streamlined experiences in Kafka on scalability, security, and simplicity; management and monitoring tools to help run at scale are welcome.

Bring confidence and certainty to bitcoin.

We are still at the early in terms adoption, security and sophisticated technologies when it comes to crypto currencies. 
This new industry undergoes lots of sophisticated cyberattacks and set of reluctances susceptible to hamper its adoption by people and within enterprises. 
In fact, it is henceforth critical to improve bitcoin’s price stability, bring confidence and certainty to bitcoin and provide streamlined bitcoin analytics and security services for the enterprise. salutes the new alliance between Bitcoin analytics and security firm Elliptic and bitcoin derivatives exchange Crypto Facilities when it comes to streamline experiences around bitcoin.

Integration of spatial data with technical and business data.

At, we believe that, streamlined workflows, enhanced visualization and data quality measures are critical when it comes to help organizations make better informed decisions in our data-driven age.
Enterprise DB (EDB)and Navigator Version 15.1 released by petroWEB plunge into this momentum with the goal to provide an effective solution for corporate data access/visualization and management.