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Showing posts from April 2, 2015

Mobile app advertising and monetization: findings and actionable insights.

It is exciting to observe that, Mobile device ownership continues to rapidly expand in both developed countries and emerging markets, which is causing massive growth in mobile app store and in-app advertising revenue.
At we love actionable insights and data at the right time, so that when it comes to Mobile app advertising and monetization, it is also our primary duty to inform you how and where apps are monetizing.
Decision-makers, Publishers and developers need to carefully evaluate potential business models, target markets and growth plans to set up their apps for success. With the actionable data, from the recent report: App Annie & IDC Mobile App Advertising and Monetization Trends 2013-2018all these decisions can be strategically decided and executed.

Leverage innovations in marketing technology as they happen.

It is henceforth clear that, Marketers today struggle to connect the vast amount of data created as customers move from channel to channel, engaging with brands, products, and services both online and offline.
Based on these realities, at, we believe that, Leverage innovations in marketing technology as they happen, means inter alia:

Better connect marketers with their individual customers and orchestrate real-time, personalized experiences,
Give marketers a more holistic view of their customers and adapt to relevant, real-time interactions across channels,
Tap easily into the innovations of the marketing ecosystem to connect marketing data, applications, and media from a variety of vendors in one place,
Moving beyond legacy data warehouse and CRM approaches to customer data,
Connect disparate behaviors that occur across offline and digital channels to one individual person,
Leverage real-time events to help marketers to deliver relevant customer experiences,
Seamless int…

Customer centricity and marketing simplicity in our digital age.

Customer centricity and marketing simplicity are at the heart of our digital lives, so that, at we think that, Customer centricity and marketing simplicity means inter alia:
Enables marketers to focus on what they do best,
get compelling and relevant content and actionable data in front of the right audiences across any digital channel in a way that drives actions,
Deliver a consistent customer experience across all customer touch points
Getting the most of marketing technology platforms,
Leveraging emerging marketing technology to deliver a consistent, personalized and engaging customer experience,
Delivering the right customer experience at every touch point,
Deliver consistent experience at scale,
In our environment where optimizing the customer experience across all touch points, including marketing, sales and support, is the number one priority for CMOs, recommends: Marketing and Technology Actionable Best Practices.

Marketing and Technology Best Practices in our digital age.

In our digital age where marketers are only utilizing about 15 percent of technologies and capabilities they are already paying for, encourages marketers to focus inter alia on:
A clear understanding of how customers and prospects interact with their brands at every stage, from consideration, to engagement, to purchase and advocacy,
To reach out to their CIO to collaborate, plan, and integrate activities,
to develop an understanding of the technology that is required to deliver the optimal customer experience and co-design the technology roadmap with the CIO, allowing flexibility in design to incorporate new technology and third party applications,
To build the right culture and cross-functional environment,
Hire the right talent,
Be agile, be open to taking chances and remain risk receptive.
The right mix of technology, data, analytics, people, and processes for success is critical, so also recalls that, the focus should not be in adopting more techn…

Bring Simple IT Automation to Government in our digital age.

Bring Simple IT Automation to Government in our digital age: the stakes are vital when it comes to face and meet the requirements related to performance, flexibility and productivity and threats of our digital age. 
Government agencies and major organizations need henceforth the seamless abilities to automate server or cloud configurations and application deployments.
The benefits of a public or private cloud platform IT automation are critical, meaning inter alia that you need: powerful tools that greatly simplify the automation of applications, systems, and both on premise and cloud resources. 
Streamlined work flows are vital, and then salutes the new partnership between Ansible, Inc.,and DLT Solutions, when it comes to automate IT.