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Nearly $410M in funding captured last week by a set of innovative internet-based services and technologies.

With $100Min Venturefunding, Symphony , a messaging service that provides encryption tech for secure communications while also offering the ability to track content via a hashtag system, has grabbed the bet alongside EverString ; a predictive analytics, that has raised $65MinSeries B.
Overall, can recall: $4.2M/Series A for Eversport Media, a digital video startup that broadcasts sporting events that are rarely covered on TV. Investors include :

Networking Simplification, Flexibility and Agility for OpenStack Cloud Operators.

Streamlined experiences, like better consistency, performance, and flexibility to OpenStack clouds are henceforth indispensable in our cloud age where lapses and downtime are not tolerated. 
On this momentum, the recently launched OpenStack Project Astara, has captured our attention,like partnerships including: Aptira and Cumulus Networks to provide OpenStack users with holistics networking solutions that can bring better consistency, performance, and flexibility to OpenStack clouds. encourages this dynamic that focuses on comprehensive and supported open source networking stack; lifecycle management and orchestration platform to monitor, configure, and manage network services (routing, load balancing, etc.) in multi-tenant OpenStack environments.

IT troubleshooting and monitoring in our data-driven age.

In our data-driven age, where we need to be proactive, recalls that, henceforth, IT troubleshooting and monitoring leverage the power of advanced analytics technologies, and machine learning and focus inter alia on:
Visibility into the health and key performance indicators of IT services,
A central, unified view of critical IT services,
Anomalies, detect root cause and pinpoint areas of impact,
both high-level monitoring and deep-dive troubleshooting and analytics in one solution, available as either software or a cloud service,
Insights days after installing, instead of the months it can take with legacy monitoring solutions,
actionable insights you need to keep your business-critical services running smoothly,
a real-time understanding of how our services are performing overall and at the more granular level…etc.
In fact, innovative data-driven approach to more effectively manage the new world of hybrid, cloud and software-defined everything in the data center is at th…