Showing posts from June 30, 2014 soon Retinknow® congratulates GLOBO for its willingness to boost Mobile App Development Offering.

At soon Retinknow®, we are progressively excited and pride to view that, Enterprise mobility moves beyond device, data and app management, for also implement rich user experience, an elegant and simple user interface with a cool design, and cross-platform apps which may be pure HTML5, hybrid or native. Globo Plc (provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions and Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”), has acquired Sourcebits, (a designer and developer of mobile applications for enterprise). Following the acquisition of NotifyTechnology last October, this new milestone means that, GLOBO henceforth can strongly meet customer demands for mobile application

ERP Software Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations.

Image soon Retinknow® is particularly seduced by Exact Macola 10, because it offers ERP functionality combined with configurable workspaces, Business Activity Monitoring and Business Process Management. The general availability of Exact Macola 10 means that: ERP functionality includes now inter alia: callable objects, enabling browser-based screens and custom web apps. Exact Macola 10 brings configurable workspaces and improved visual elements that can turn data into consumable information. Business Activity Monitoring can automatically execute actions when triggers are met. Business Process Management can provide document management, custom workflows and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). When it comes to ERP Software Solution, soon Retinknow®, always recommends a seamless and flexible , a secure and comprehensive solution that can tie in every element of the business including consolidated financials, inventory, tracked orders and costs, workflow…

L’industrie de la technologie software-defined network (SDN) : acteurs clés, réalités, défis et avantages.

Nous sommes encore à une phase précoce du marché de la technologie software-defined network (SDN), qui s’appuie sur l’automatisation et les technologies du cloud computing pour apporter entre autres de la performance, la flexibilité, la sécurité, la bonne information et la compétitivité dans la gestion des Datacenters, le développement et la gestion des réseaux. Notre unique expérience de cette industrie en amorçage, nous permet d’observer que, l’administration efficace desDatacenters actuels ou existant reste complexe en termes de monitoring ou de gestion des réseaux. Ils sont très gourment en exploitation et en consommation d’énergie. Hors, dans un monde désormais piloté par de gros volumes de données de multiples sources, les bonnes pratiques et méthodologies sont exigées. La structure des réseaux et des Datacenter actuels peut donc éloigner les entreprises de la performance et la compétitivité. Ce qui serait catastrophique. L’arrivée de la technologie software-defined network (SDN),…

Innovation ecosystem and funding landscape: Templafy, Sprout Social and IgnitionOne, can now accelerate innovation and expansion of sales and marketing worldwide.

Henceforth with this explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowlegde when it comes to startups and funding landscape. Templafy,(Founded in 2013, a business template management startup), has raised $2.5 million in seed funding fromSEED Capital and Sunstone. Templafy helps managers ensure visual and legal compliance in employee-produced business documents across all devices. Templafy will use the latest cash to fund global

Interactive Digital Learning solutions: Samsung School, paves its way.

Education is the living key , therefore it is exciting to observe that, henceforthdata system and analytic solutions can help quickly and easily identify students with multiple risk factors for dropping out.In our digital-driven world, universities and colleges, districts and governments can dramatically increase student engagement or outcomes, and can improve teacher

Ensure the performance, availability and quality of your IT systems with considerably less effort.

Last week Monitis and PagerDuty have captured our attention by their deep willingness to improve the quality of their services. Both companies have decided to team-up. If unfamiliar, soon Retinknow®, recalls that, Monitis, is a cloud-based monitoring specialist, and PagerDuty, aims to drive the way, when it comes to an intelligent incident management system. Henceforth with this new integration, Monitis users can receive alerts from PagerDuty across multiple platforms, including phone, SMS, email