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Behavioral data derived from the geography and places.

Stakes around the metadata are at the core of lusts in our mobile age. Contextual information such as: location, time, user behavior and more drive excitements and henceforth improve our living and working conditions anywhere and anytime.
Beyond geofences, contextual information such as location, time, and user behavior, boost the mobile app economy with actionable data essential for health, social networking, travel, photo sharing, personal assistants, and more. 
Alohar's platform for example, can provide you with the capability to collect and analyze real-world behavioral data derived from the geography and places.
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2014 was a record year for Israel’s tech scene with nearly $15 billion in acquisitions and IPOs.

The Israel’s tech scene is henceforth at the core of lot of positive excitements from investors, established companies and from governments.
From the security segment to the explosive mobile app economy, Israel is poised to take on the world. US investors and established tech companies drive this momentum in terms of market, funding and buybacks. 
AppAnnie has released a new report titled: ‘’David vs. Goliath: Israeli Publishers Taking on the World’’. 
In this report, one can discover Which Israeli companies are generating the most downloads and revenue overseas; Why the United States is a key market for Israeli publishers (plus other lucrative overseas markets) and The paths taken by Israel’s successful app companies, including Waze, Playtika and TabTale.
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Nearly $614M unlocked last week for the internet-based services and technologies.

Investors continue to trust established models, mainly in the e-commerce segment, where funding flow and are spread across the world. Technology like e-signature convinces henceforth. The sharing economy is billed as a promising business. Among the most elevated last week,
$41M / Series B for Rubrik that has developed a hybrid cloud and on-premises backup solution for enterprises. Rubrik has raised a total of $51M over two rounds to date. Investors include:Greylock Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners.
$70M / Series C For FruitDay, a Chinese e-commerce company that sells fresh produce across China. FruitDay will use the new capital to develop its infrastructure and logistics and hire new management. Investors include:SIG China, ClearVue Partnersand $85M / Series C For Munchery, a San Francisco-based service for ordering quick microwavable meals, has raised $125M to date and is valued at $300M. Investors include:Menlo Ventures, Greycroft Partners, and others. $5.8M / Ser…

Streamlined process of finding, understanding, securing and using APIs in our digital age.

The new IT Convergence including: cloud, big-data, analytics, IoT, social and mobile has dramatically transformed how people and companies interact in real-time and anywhere; it brings new paradigms and enhances working and living conditions.
API-based services are at the core of this dynamic; helping therefore organizations to embrace the digital enterprise, securely connecting applications with devices and more.
Complete API lifecycle management, including the definition, creation, publishing, security, monitoring, and management is essential in this process helping developers to build new applications and extend existing ones to reach new customers and new markets.
Oracle API Managercan provide easy-to-use facilities for annotating and publishing REST and SOAP services as APIs to a developer portal where application developers can discover, test, register and subscribe to these APIs, as well as track API performance. 
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