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Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Network Security and Enterprise Data Architectures

Expertise on Apache Spark, big data security, and next-generation enterprise data architectures is henceforth indispensable in our connected world where distributed computing, storage streamlines each critical experience.
So, it is now critical to understand the technical, business and practical aspects of Hadoop and related technologies.

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is transforming enterprise data centers and cloud data centers; and making IT infrastructure (servers, storage and software) more responsive to business change.
Zeta Architecture, Apache Hadoop, Apache Mesos, and Apache Myriad can work now together to boost efficiency in your data center.
On this momentum, salutes the dynamic featured by MapR Technologies, Inc.,when it comes to streamlined experiences around and inside Apache Spark, Zeta Architecture, Apache Hadoop, Apache Mesos, and Apache Myriad.