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Increase the availability of and access to stronger cryptographic and metadata cybersecurity tools and resources.

When it comes to unite key computer security stakeholders in the development of new cryptographic and metadata tools, soon Retinknow® hails the unmatched efforts more and more provided by the IEEE Standards Association’s Industry Connections Security Group. The new launching of the IEEE Anti-Malware Support Service (AMSS), means the increasing availability of and the access to stronger cryptographic and metadata cybersecurity tools and resources. Henceforth, AMSS’ CMX provides real-time information about clean files using metadata like hashes, filenames, directory paths, signatures, and version information submitted by software providers. The Taggant System can precisely detect which user license key was used to create packed software, including packed malware, making it easier to trace the origin of obfuscated programs. Once detected and identified, malicious license keys can be blacklisted, preventing further use. If unfamiliar, soon Retinknow®, …

Funding landscape and technological startups: ArtBinder, Tapad, and Databricks, can now accelerate their growth.

As you can uncover it here, when it comes to funding landscape and technological startups, we talk about people and technologies, entrepreneurs and Founders, who work in real-time to improve our living conditions, in terms of health and wellbeing, security and nutrition, to name a few. ArtBinder, (an art gallery application), has raised $3.2 million in a Series A round led by Index Ventures with participation from a number of individual investors. soon Retinknow®, recalls that, ArtBinder allows users to present artworks remotely and provides tools to streamline the art sales and presentation experience. Based in New York, ArtBinder, will use the new cash to continue developing new tools, expand its customer base, and hire additional staff.
Tapad, (Founded in 2010, a cross-device marketing company), has raised $7 million in Series B funding led by FirstMark Capital with participation from new investors Battery Ventures and G&H Partners and existing investors Avalon…

A better way to access data to build apps that integrate with Google mail.

At soon Retinknow®, we are progressively excited about the new concept behind Google Mail, when it comes to make it easy for developers to build on top of Gmail. We seize this opportunity to encourage Eric DeFriez, a technical lead for Gmail APIs. Henceforth, since the recent Google I/O, the beta of the new Gmail API, aims to let you easily deliver Gmail-enabled features. soon Retinknow® observes that, this new API is a standard Google API, which gives RESTful access to a user’s mailbox under OAuth 2.0 authorization. It can support CRUD operations on true Gmail datatypes such as

Industrie du retargeting (ré-ciblage) publicitaire sur smartphones et tablettes : ce que vaut Twitter (site de micro-blogging).

Encore à un stade précoce, le marché de retargeting (ré-ciblage) publicitaire sur smartphones et tablettes, monte en puissance et a un bel avenir devant lui. Même si le site web traditionnel perd de son influence au profil des applications mobiles, la tendance mobile-driven et le tout-objet connecté, sont entre autres, des garanties pour le marché de retargeting (ré-ciblage) publicitaire. En plus les gens aiment bien qu’on revienne de tant en tant sur leurs envies, besoins et plaisirs. Un jeu bien huilé par les technologies de retargeting (ré-ciblage) publicitaire. Twitter n’est pas encore rentable. bientôt Retinknow®, encourage ses efforts qui visent à diversifier ses sources de revenus, pour ne pas dépendre entre autre des "Tweets sponsorisés", principal outil utilisé couramment sur le réseau social par les annonceurs. Désormais, Twitter est capable de réactivé les mobinautes anciens ou existants, grâce au rachat de la technologie TapCommerce, une startup …

Opportunities and challenges surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT): “physical objects capable of communicating through the Internet without human intervention.”

In our post-PC world, it is progressively highly exciting to talk about connected devices, and to see how they are also wonderful, the transformations generated by this trend, in terms our living conditions, performance, good practices and smart methodologies. Our unique worldwide experience, when it comes to the Internet of Things(IoT), allows us in real-time to observe that, henceforth, a set of enterprises are already prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT) and see it as a potential opportunity.
Beyond any concerns regarding network capacity and security, soon Retinknow®, encourages mobile carriers and wireless operators, as from now, to anticipate the explosion in the number of connected devices. 
From about 0.9 billion units in 2009, the installed base of ‘things,’ excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones, will grow to 26 billion units in 2020, Gartner said. 
According to the findings of a recent survey of 400 IT professionals in theUnited States and the United King…

L’algorithme de compression Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer (LZO) a reçu un correctif très important.

Pour une question de transparence et de responsabilité, il est toujours important de rappeler à la communauté du monde numérique, qu’il n’existe pas de sécurité à 100%, d’où la nécessité d’investir efficacement dans la Recherche et Développement (R&D), la collaboration, sensibilisation et la formation de manière régulière. L’algorithme LZO est bien apprécié dans l’industrie de la compression d’image, et fait partir de la suite logicielle implémentée sur Curiosity,le robot  explorateur envoyé par la Nasa sur Mars il y a maintenant deux ans. spécialisée dans la compression des données avant une transmission, l’algorithme LZO a subis un toilettage corrigeant une faille présente au sein de l’algorithme depuis sa

Security updates for Mac OS X, Safari, iOS devices, and Apple TV to address multiple vulnerabilities.

On behalf of our global commitment, when it comes to security alerts and threats, soon Retinknow®, recalls that, Apple has released security updates for Mac OS X, Safari, iOS devices, and Apple TV to address multiple vulnerabilities, some of which could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code with system privileges or cause an unexpected application