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Showing posts from July 24, 2013

Easy Taxi plans to expand its activities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East: stakes and opportunities.

Reserve a taxi via your smartphone increasingly becomes a fad. With the growing demand of the mobility, this trend will increase. Based on this reality and after having raised $10 million from Africa Internet Holding, Millicom, and Rocket Internet, a taxi app

Bosch Software Innovations announced the introduction of its integrated software suite in the Americas.

Included in the software and systems division of the Bosch Group, Bosch Software is more than ever committed to expand its portfolio where the opportunities are visible or to valorize. The solution brings three core products: BPM, BRM and M2M,

Google unveiled Google Play Textbooks, a dedicated category on the Play Store for learning material.

Henceforth Google joined Apple in the textbooks market, with Google Play Textbooks. Intended for students, it will offer titles from the top five publishers. As of August 2013, via Android, iOS

Henceforth a new Google Chromecast device brings online video and entertainment to your TV.

Announced today, this small $35 device that plugs into any HDTV in your house brings online video and entertainment to your TV. Connectikpeople has discovered that, as a Chromecast user, you can cast content from dedicated apps like Netflix or from the web using Chrome. For developers, Google has also released the developer preview of the Google Cast SDK, with the

New Nexus 7 availability worldwide and inside the keys features and applications.

The new Nexus 7 is already available for US consumers at $230. For the coming weeks, it will be available in UK, Autria, South Corea, France, Germany, Canada, Spain and Japan. With 16GB or 32GB of storage, the new Nexus 7 powered by Android 4.3 includes the new Multi-User Restricted

Google announces Android 4.3. ,with a new thinner Nexus 7.

Following the weeks of unprecedented rumors, Google unveiled Android 4.3 its latest iOS for mobile included directly in its latest Tablet: Nexus 7.
At $230, Nexus 7 brings like a key features:
·a reduced bezel, a dual surround sound system, ·rear-facing camera, Android 4.3 ·a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU. So, Regarding Android 4.3, the software will be available as an

‘’IBM will transform and optimize the Kutxabank’s technology infrastructure, which will help drive the bank's strategy’’.

Rendered official since yesterday, this strategic agreement, aims to transform and optimize the bank's technology infrastructure. Under the agreement, Connectikpeople has discovered IBM will innovate and develop the bank´s IT infrastructure and will provide

Orange Money: Orange and Total have signed a partnership.

Despite enormous difficulties of adoption encountered by Orange Money in Africa, Orange Group believes in this solution to help improve the mobile payments in Africa and Middle-East. Its new partnership with TOTAL is part of its strategy to face

Threat protection: Cisco and Sourcefire will combine their products, technologies and research teams.

More than ever, with the growing demand of mobility, Cloud computing, the security technologies include the core of all strategies of development and reputation into the IT companies. In this dynamic, Cisco and Sourcefire will combine their products,

ZAGG announced Bluetooth® keyboard for mobile devices

With its latest Bluetooth® keyboard for mobile devices,  ZAGG expands its portfolio and proves its determination to harness the growing mobile market. As a thin and versatile keyboard, the ZAGGkeys Universal is

Coupons de réduction pour les commerces :Dropbox rachète Endorse, ce qu’on peut comprendre.

Dropbox continue de consolider et d’étendre son portfolio de produits et services sur le mobile. Ce qui reflète sa volonté de devenir un acteur véritablement incontournable dans le Cloud. Ainsi à la suite de l’acquisition de Mailbox (messagerie électronique sur mobile), Dropbox rachète Endorse, pour

Switch technology: Comtrol announced the release of the RocketLinx™ ACS7106.

Henceforth included in its portfolio of products, the new RocketLinx™ ACS7106switch, includes access control integrators and systems builders of a PoE Plus Ethernet switch for

OTTtv World Summit 2013 : Révolution en cours dans les contenus OTT, au cœur des enjeux lors du Sommet mondial.

Il n’est plus de secret pour les spécialistes et professionnels, le multi-écrans a fait exploser la consommation de la vidéo sur IP. La forte croissance du mobile en est pour l’essentiel. Du 19au 22 novembre 2013, se tiendra le sommet mondial des câbles IP et le Sommet mondial de la TV sociale, OTTtv pour réfléchir et échanger sur les enjeux technologiques et économiques liées à

MTN Group has partnered with Globally OnMobile Global Limited for improve the quality of its services.

In its dynamic to improve the quality of its services, MTN Group has partnered with OnMobile Global Limited, the Indian company, to ensure that their customers will never hear a boring ring tone again. The partnership officially announced today, indicates that,

Adapteva announced pre-orders for its Parallella Computing Platform.

This pre-orders of the 16-core Parallella platform intended for general public, can be made here!. The announcement follows the delivery of the first Parallella computers ordered through its

Optical and illumination design: Radiant Zemax, announced Zemax 13 Release 2.

This new version available since yesterday, is part of Radiant Zemax strategy to continue the development of its industry standard software for optical and illumination design.

Identity and access management (IAM): ‘’SailPoint IdentityNow™ provides all the benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS)’’.

In its dynamic of  improvement of its portfolio of services, the Austin based startup has released the industry’s ‘’first IAM-as-a-service’’ (IDaaS) that aims to deliver enterprise-grade identity governance, provisioning and access management in a single, unified solution. According to SailPoint, its solution provides all the benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS): ·Faster time to value, ease of use, and lower operational and upgrade costs

Sales of Macs and iPads fell widely: revealed Apple Q3Fiscal Financial results.

These are the bad news, which are not reassuring for Apple and its shareholders.The company has to review its copy, based on the good results of iPhone in emerging market like India. The company has unveiled revenue of $35.3 billion and quarterly

Google veut optimiser le rendement de ses publicités via l’onglet ‘’promotions’’ dans Gmail et via l’ajout des Favicons.

Depuis lundi à la suite du déploiement progressif du nouveau ‘’inbox’’ de Gmail, organisé en 5 onglets (primary, social, promotions, updates et forums), afin de faciliter la gestion de vos